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Give generously

Every one of our beautiful ingredients has a story to tell, so there’s always an extra-special reason to give a Lush gift…

From beautiful Fairtrade ingredients sourced from local communities and cooperatives, to products that raise money for charities and grassroots causes, Lush makes it easy for you to give generously — and ethically.


This gentle, 4-in-1 product makes bathtime fun. It can be used to make models and shapes, and it’s also a solid shampoo, bubble bar and soap. It comes in a variety of colours and fragrances, and 10p from every bar you buy goes into a ‘FunD’ to support projects for children who were affected by the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan.

Charity Pot hand & body lotion

In 2013 alone, Lush customers raised over £2,500,000 globally simply by choosing to buy Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion. That’s because every penny you spend on it (minus the VAT) is put towards helping human rights, animal welfare and environmental protection causes. These are causes that often challenge mainstream opinions and, consequently, are often overlooked. Not only that, the new self-preserving formula contains seven materials produced by our sustainable SLush Fund projects around the world — so it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Peace massage bar

This beautiful massage bar not only helps to bring inner peace to those who use it, it also supports the Peace Community of San José de Apatadó in north-west Colombia. In spite of the ongoing conflict in the area, the farmers continue to live peacefully and grow and harvest cocoa beans — and Lush is their main buyer.

Lemony Flutter cuticle butter

This softening cuticle butter is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys regular manicures. It’s made with shea butter, which we buy directly from a women’s cooperative in Bolgatanga, Ghana. Thanks to the cooperative, the women are no longer forced to leave the area, and their children, to look for work elsewhere. They can now live comfortably all year long; they can afford health insurance and school fees, have access to literacy classes and can apply to borrow funds from the business micro-finance offering.

Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion

The Fairtrade Vanilla Absolute that gives this body lotion its sweet and comforting scent is made from vanilla beans that are grown on the Ndali Estate in Western Uganda. It’s one of the world’s first Fairtrade vanilla exportation cooperatives and, by using this ingredient, we support the hard work of 1,200 farmers who are paid fairly for their efforts.

African Paradise body conditioner

We work with women Aloe growers in the arid region of Laikipia, Kenya, to help green the desert and introduce nutritious plants to improve both the land and their diets. The Aloe that we buy from them is fresh and ethically sourced — and we use it in products like this hydrating body lotion, to cool, soothe and soften the skin.

The Olive Branch shower gel

The Fairtrade olive oil used in this mandarin-scented shower gel comes from the women-led cooperative Sindyanna of Galilee in the northern region of Israel. It was founded by Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel to provide access to markets for Palestinian farmers as a demonstration of peaceful cooperation — so it represents a true olive branch.

Cupcake fresh face mask

This ultra-absorbent mask is chocolate heaven for oily and teenage skin. It’s made with cocoa powder and highly-absorbent rhassoul mud, which draws out impurities and gives skin a deep cleanse. The only known natural deposit of rhassoul is found in the Atlas Mountains, and the clay that we use is extracted using traditional, manual methods without the use of explosives. 

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