Go hard or go home! Solid products to take on holiday

Ever noticed that taking liquids in your hand luggage is a pretty fiddly business?

Of course you have. Those little, clear, resealable baggies, the age-old ‘is a paste a liquid’ argument, we’ve all been there, and we’ve all been the person who’s waiting behind that person and just wants to get on the plane and holiday their pants off.

Well, what if there was a way to skip that queue, while still keeping all of the cosmetics you could ever want or need in your hand luggage? Or perhaps you’re camping, glamping or road-tripping around, well, wherever, and want to keep your backpack light and leakage-free?

The answer is simple, hassle-free, and - added bonus - it’s pretty good for the environment too. Just take a look at our solid range, you’ll find everything you need for good, clean fun in the sun (wind or rain).

Staying fresh

First stop is keeping yourself smelling sweet right? No problem, solid soap, deodorant, naked shower gels, toothy tabs and mouthwash are formulated to keep you fresh for the long-haul. And solid perfume is a great way to give yourself a fragrance boost throughout the day. 

For your face

There’s no need to neglect your face when you’re on holiday. Keep your skin pampered with Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser and Full Of Grace facial serum.

Holiday locks

Who doesn’t love a beach curl? Holiday hair can be a dream, so keep yours in tip-top condition with solid shampoos and conditioners. No bottle, no liquid, just fresh ingredients direct to your barnet.

Keep skin soft and safe

Dreamy skin does not mean high maintenance. There’s solid body scrubs and moisturisers, as well as sunscreen, that can all be used and applied in the shower with minimum effort, and maximum results.

Kiss and make up

Try a naked lip tint to add a pop of head-turning colour when you step off the plane. Buff your lips with a naked lip scrub to keep them smooth and finish off your holiday look with a sophisticated eye jewel. 

Wrapping It Up

No not this article, your solid goodies. Keep all of your holiday cosmetics safe and secure by tying them up in a Knot Wrap - we’ve even got SplashMaps to help you find your way around major European cities. So, take a naked holiday (no, not that kind)  and let us know how you get on!

But on that note - that’s a wrap!

Comments (2)

about 9 months ago

I have the Seanik Shampoo Bar and Sugar Daddy-O Solid Conditioner - Do these not need to be in my clear plastic bag? If so, that's epic! Already have the Toothy Tabs and Mouthwash Tabs ready to go :) Thank you :) x


about 4 months ago

I've gotten through multiple airports with different Lush Solid Shampoos bars and solid conditioners without a problem. It doesn't count as liquids so you don't need to separate it for security, Happy Travels :)
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