Gorilla Review | Tori Scott: Thirsty

Sassy storyteller Tori Scott hit the stage at the Vault festival in London this week. It’s safe to say, she rattled our brains and sung her heart out with her show ‘Thirsty!’

Vault Festival: Vault, London
Wednesday 14th March 2018

Vault festival showcases theatre, comedy, film and late night parties in an edgy underground location. Held for 8 weeks a year, ‘VAULT 2018 is the biggest, fairest platform in London for artists to present innovative, daring work’* With this description in mind - Tori Scott was certainly a perfect fit for the line up!

Set in the graffiti ridden Leake Street Tunnels (SE1) Vaults was vibrant, bustling and exciting. Upon arrival a mix of young and old, students and professionals were socialising and enjoying drinks and street food before seeing their shows. With a vast timetable of event there was plenty of options for guests to choose from. Tickets could be purchased from the ticket office or pre-booked online with leaflets and advertisements everywhere much like a mini installment of Edinburgh fringe. Shows were announced in through a train station style tanoy and guests trickled into a variety of auditoriums, cinemas and theatres along the fluorescent tunnel corridor throughout the evening.

Held inside an old and slightly ragged theatre setting at the end of the trippy corridor, visitors took their seats ready to meet Tori Scott. With a simple set of a drum kit, piano, bass guitar and an eye catching vodka martini we were sure that Tori was going to inject colour and life into the stage before us.

As we anticipated, she did not disappoint. Greeting us with a delicious voice and infectious energy, Tori Scott told stories that were all ‘tragically true’ which kept us wiggling in our seats. In between glorious sing alongs, we went on a journey into her childhood, being raised by gay dads in Texas, her school days, drinking and frolicking in New York and the trials and tribulations of pesky adulthood. Tori Scott’s brutally honest monologue was carefully intertwined with song. Our personal favourite was her toe tapping rendition of ‘Tightrope’ where we did indulge in a private sing along!

Once we had come to terms with adulthood not being easy and embarking on heated one way discussions on topics ranging from sex to drugs, drink, politics, meditation, religion, going to jail, college and America, the show came to a whirlwind close. One last indulgent belter and it was time to say our farewells. Tori Scott (naturally) invited everyone in the audience to the bar where she would be after the show to enjoy some vodka together.

We left the evening reflecting on our lives niggling woes with a satirical giggle. The reassuring words of Tori Scott echoed in our ears as we tumbled back to reality of adulthood life …‘I should probably tell you I am an Expert on running away from my problems ... anyone else?’



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