The Great Lush Makeup Shake Up

There are some exciting things coming in our makeup range....

What’s happening?

We’re having a makeup shake up! To make room for a fabulous new makeup range, our original Emotional Brilliance range is being discontinued, except for your top five favourite products;

Independent Eyeliner

Eyes Right Mascara  

Charisma Skin Tint

Feeling Younger Skin Tint

Emotional Brilliance Powder

These will still be available online and in all shops. The extended range, which is available in select stores and online, has also been refined. Keep an eye out for the “leaving soon” stickers on the website as once they are gone, they’re gone!

Why is it happening?

In the beginning, the plan was to radically change the way makeup was viewed so we created a range focused on the power of emotion, colour and feeling. We’re really proud of our Emotional Brilliance range and overjoyed to see that our core values and ethics have become just as important to you as they are to us. As sales of vegan and cruelty free makeup are on the rise in the wider makeup industry, it’s time we upped our game again!

We’ve been listening and hearing that you want more; your outcry for ethical and sustainable beauty products has inspired us to get back to the lab, get fabulous, and create an even bigger and better makeup range!

What’s Coming?

A brand new makeup range is on its way! We’re starting all over again, with new ideas and developing new formulas. We will never compromise on our values and we will never stop believing in making fresh products that are good value, good for you and good for the planet.

We’d love your help and to hear from you! Keep an eye on the Kitchen channels because we’ll be asking for feedback to help us make the new range the best it can be!


Comments (22)


about 2 days ago

Very disappointed to see that your wonderfully vibrant eye make up range seems to be discontinued :( . I bought my daughter some for her birthday in October - a beautiful turquoise eyeliner and a copper coloured eye shadow wedge, (plus mascara). I was hoping to have some for my birthday in February (think you had a purple eyeliner), but now all of it's gone!! When is your new range appearing? Hope it's just as colourful as the previous Lush eye makeup!

Lush Customer Care

about 1 day ago


Our makeup range is undergoing its very own makeover. Keep an eye on our social media channels for the latest new releases.


about 6 days ago

Yes discontinue products used in the banner


about 3 weeks ago

Could you make eyeshadow and blush in the same vein as the new lipstick replacements. So that they fit in old lipstick tubes. Maybe also replacements for the slim-line lipstick tubes? This would great for liquid free travel.

about 1 month ago

I agree with comments here. So disappointed to see both the liquid eyeshadows and colour supplements discontinued without anything to replace. Also that the slapstick product is not in store - it's not something i would risk to buy and get the right shade online. I also returned to Boots to buy new make-up when i was hoping to move entirely to lush. Such a shame


about 1 month ago

I’m really disappointed that you’ve discontinued the sparkly eye-liners. I’ve had many compliments on the gold one. Please bring these back in the new range.


about 1 month ago

I am devastated by your decision to discontinue your emotional brilliance line! These are the BEST eye makeups on the market, and I can no longer get them! PLEASE say when you are bringing out liquid cremes again! And one suggestion; make these pots so that we can easily get all the product out of it. Thanks!


about 5 months ago

Okay, I take it back. I'm here to eat humble pie. In desperation I tried your new slap stick. It took a few tries/attempts to get it to apply with the same type of effect/coverage that I got with the colour supplement, and although not recreated exactly, I do also very much like the effect of the slap stick - it's actually a more matt effect than the colour supplement. If you re-released the colour supplement, would I go back to it? Most likely. But in a year's time who knows? Kudos for the range of colours too. I'm half black African, half white European. With my summer tan in this hot weather we've had recently, I am finding the 20N a good match (maybe even a little dark) so very impressed with the range available particularly for people of colour. I would love to see youtubers Nyma Tang and Patricia Bright try them out - perhaps you could do a collaboration with them?


about 5 months ago

Please bring foundation back! It is the best, light coverage without added chemicals! And it is super moisturizing. I love Lush and have tried to switch completely - hair, bath and makeup but now I have to go back to the makeup counter.


about 1 month ago

OH NO! They discontinued the foundations as well? I am even MORE devastated and REALLY GLAD I bought several of them last time!