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The Great Lush Makeup Shake Up

There are some exciting things coming in our makeup range....

What’s happening?

We’re having a makeup shake up! To make room for a fabulous new makeup range, our original Emotional Brilliance range is being discontinued, except for your top five favourite products;

Auger Eyeliner

Eyes Right Mascara  

Charisma Skin Tint

Feeling Younger Skin Tint

Emotional Brilliance Powder

These will still be available online and in all shops. The extended range, which is available in select stores and online, has also been refined. Keep an eye out for the “leaving soon” stickers on the website as once they are gone, they’re gone!

Why is it happening?

In the beginning, the plan was to radically change the way makeup was viewed so we created a range focused on the power of emotion, colour and feeling. We’re really proud of our Emotional Brilliance range and overjoyed to see that our core values and ethics have become just as important to you as they are to us. As sales of vegan and cruelty free makeup are on the rise in the wider makeup industry, it’s time we upped our game again!

We’ve been listening and hearing that you want more; your outcry for ethical and sustainable beauty products has inspired us to get back to the lab, get fabulous, and create an even bigger and better makeup range!

What’s Coming?

A brand new makeup range is on its way! We’re starting all over again, with new ideas and developing new formulas. We will never compromise on our values and we will never stop believing in making fresh products that are good value, good for you and good for the planet.

We’d love your help and to hear from you! Keep an eye on the Kitchen channels because we’ll be asking for feedback to help us make the new range the best it can be!


Comments (35)


about 5 months ago

So I’ve just come on to order ‘Happiness’ as I use it on my brows, it looks like you’ve discontinued it and by the looks of the comments you’ve not replaced any of the make up range you took off... have you got anything like the bottle of ginger ‘happiness’? Also why did you remarket the perfume, I used to buy them for the beautiful art on the bottles ‘Karma’ was my fave, I’ve lost interest since they are now just bottled with black and white labels, with just the word Karma on it. They were beautiful before, madness that you’d change something as beautiful!!!???

Lush Customer Care

about 5 months ago


Hi there, we did discontinue some of our product range and create some new products to choose from. Sometimes we develop the packaging on our products the same way that we develop and discontinue some products. If you can't find something on the website it has been discontinued I am afraid. I will drop in a suggestion for you for the products that you would like to see again! Hopefully they will make a comeback! ~ Ros


about 11 months ago

I agree with the comment below, that "discontinuing items before suitable replacements are available only disappoints your customers and forces them to look elsewhere". I desperately miss your colour supplement foundation, and nothing comes close to matching it - especially not your foundation sticks, which are messy and don't last. hair custard is also no longer the same. Please listen to customer feedback before discontinuing some of your best-loved products and most loyal customers.


about 1 year ago

Please bring back the eyebrow crayon blonde! It was the best eyebrow solution I have ever used in terms of texture and colour. Why did you discontinue such an amazing product but decided to keep items that are not so good like your mascara for example? I understand you're looking for a new range but discontinuing items before suitable replacements are available only disappoints your customers and forces them to look elsewhere...

Lush Customer Care

about 1 year ago


Hello! We did a shake up of the makeup range last year, and kept on the most popular products. Slowly but surely we're expanding the range again, with foundations, concealers, highlighters and lipsticks with a lot more on the way, so keep your eyes peeled for some new & innovative items in the range coming soon!


about 1 year ago

Contrary to other comments I LOVED your brow crayon for blondes! It was the perfect colour: unlike other brands it achieved a subtle lightness (maybe even a mousiness) that suited me so much more than the various tan, buff and even green alternatives. Bring it back in any formula, but please please keep the amazing (rare) colour!

Fancy Nancy

about 1 year ago

Where is this new make-up line? It's been at least a year and a half now! How long does it take? I am still in search of a replacement for the eyeshadow line that was taken away! I don't really care for your crayon make-up and raised the price of your measly two eye make-up that you have! What's going on?!


about 1 year ago

Very disappointed that you removed your gold eyeliner from the shop months and months ago, and STILL don’t have a replacement available. Why didn’t you carry on with the old range until the new makeup was available? When will you be replacing the old range?

Fancy Nancy

about 1 year ago

I am very disappointed with this company! First you take away the Luch kitchen which I loved! Then you take away the eyeshadow line with my favorite liquid eyeshadow and powder which are the only eye makeup I can use! Now I can't find a replacement for them and now I have to wait for who knows what will come next and when! I have been a customer of yours for years now and I am so disgusted I don't want to be a customer anymore! Get it together or you will be losing more of us!

about 1 year ago

Which stores are the make up products from the new range being stocked in?