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Guided Bath Bomb Meditations: For your ears only

Imagine a bath that could take you on a journey. Nope, Lush haven’t invented the first bathtub time machine, but with help from a Guided Bath Bomb Meditation, your next bath could take you anywhere. 


In the UK alone, 43% of adults think they’ve had a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life. Life can be hectic, and now that burnout is a diagnosable condition, it’s no wonder we’re looking for the latest ways to look after our emotional health. 

As talk about self-care has grown, so has the amount of information available. We have a bounty of books, apps and podcasts about mental health at our disposal, but sometimes self-care can start to feel like a chore (and let’s be honest, we have enough of those). So, what if you could dish yourself out a daily dose of mindfulness without doing a thing?

Next bathtime, we’re inviting you to try something a little different. We’ve created a series of guided meditations with a Lush twist. Each meditation is designed to be listened to while you take a bath, helping you to unwind and settle into your soak. Here’s everything you need to know about these transportive bathtub tracks. 


A moment just for you - Why you should meditate

Studies have shown that meditation causes increased activity in the part of the brain that processes positive feelings and can even allow us to regulate our emotions more effectively. If you’re looking to tune into some good vibes, regular meditation could boost your mood, and what better way to do this than while taking a dip. 

You can expect around 15 minutes of guided meditation where you’ll be able to reboot, rebalance and reflect. Each track is built around a mood, so you can choose how you want to feel once the meditation has come to a close. You’ll also be able to select the voice you’d like to listen to, in order to optimise your meditative experience. Whether you decide to feel uplifted and energised, or relaxed and comforted, step out of the bathroom rejuvenated and in the present moment. 


What to expect from your guided bath bomb meditation

A blend of gentle voiceover and a hypnotic soundtrack will enable you to feel like you’ve stepped into the Lush Spa, turning a bath into the ultimate act of self-care. The soundtracks were meticulously composed and produced by Simon Emmerson and Simon Richmond, who devised and mixed them in a state of deep meditation. Simon Richmond says: 


 “With both meditation pieces we wanted to fuse the natural and the otherworldly - we used brass instruments, flutes, voices, acoustic guitars and pianos as a warm, grounding force of organic sound. We also included field recordings of rain, water, birds, the outdoors, and then added more abstract elements and soft, subby basses to create an immersive environment that encourages the mind to float free from everyday specifics. By moving in and out of worlds both familiar and intriguing to the ear we wanted to create a safe but separate space where a meditative state can be nurtured.” 


You’ll hear the rain falling on canvas next to a remote stream in Wales, waves lapping onto the shingle of Chesil beach, a dawn chorus in Kerala, and much more. The result? A mesmerising experience that will let you completely forget the world outside your bathroom (even if it’s only for 15 minutes). 


Get set, meditate - Make the most of your soak

Unless you’re lucky enough to own a pair of cracking waterproof headphones, for a fully immersive experience, we recommend listening to your guided meditation through a bluetooth speaker, or you can simply listen through your phone. Turn the volume up and you’re ready to go, just don’t go dunking any electricals in your bathwater as this won’t be good for you or your phone. 


Before you get comfy, you’ll need to select a Bath Bomb that will work in harmony with your chosen meditation, ingredients, colour and essential oils can have distinctive effects on our frame of mind. If you’re a little unsure what to plump for there are a few things you can try.


If you’re searching for a cheerful soak, opt for vivid energising tones such as yellow or orange as these are most likely to evoke feelings of joy. Mix this with fresh, zesty ingredients like citrus or peppermint and you’re in for an uplifting experience.

Alternatively, blue and green shades can calm the mind and even lower blood pressure, while choosing heady scents such as lavender or ylang ylang will give you a double dose of relaxation. Ultimately, it’s up to you which Bath Bomb you select, just be sure to choose one you love!


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