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Haunted Air and the unseen

A collection of anonymous Hallowe’en Photographs. America, c.1875–1955

As Hallowe’en approaches I once again find my copy of Haunted Air and bring it down from the bookshelf. This book contains the otherworldly portraits of a long gone era. Genuinely unnerving photographs that have survived the ravages of time and been collected and preserved by Ossian Brown.

The veil between the worlds at their thinnest, human and other than human boundries blurred for a moment in time. Here the presentation of these images blur the ancient festival of Samhain with the relatively modern American fancy dress festivity of Hallowe’en. Souls captured in celluloid.

Here Ossian has given kind permission to show some previously unpublished photographs from his collection.

All the clocks had stopped. A void out of time.
And here they are — looking out and holding themselves still — 
holding still at that point where two worlds join -
the familiar — and the other.” 
David Lynch

Ossian’s book is published by Jonathan Cape and can be oedered direct from the publisher

Do you have a collection of images from your own Hallowe’en celebrations? Perhaps a photo from your own childhood, your grandparents or family. Maybe you too have discovered found images, parted from their owners over time?


Haunted Air
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