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Hello sunshine

When the sun is shining there's nothing better than being outside and soaking up the good vibes. Extend your fun in the sun by finding a sunscreen that works for you, and keeps your skin looking and feeling fine.

Finding ‘the one’

Finding a product that fits your needs and your routine will help you stay protected throughout the day. So here's a handy guide:

It can be difficult to apply sunscreen on the go, so when you require full body cover, The Sunblock is a quick and easy solution. Rub this buttery calamine block all over the body whilst showering and then pat dry to feel moisturised and shielded from the sun. With a high SPF of 30, this product is also made with the natural sunscreen, zinc oxide, which offers broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Top up by simply rubbing generously into wet or dry skin.

If you prefer a soft, matte feeling to your sunscreen, opt for Powdered Sunshine. This product has similar ingredients to Sunblock but a gentle, powder formula, meaning it’s great for anyone working up a sweat. With a SPF of 15, this calamine and sesame oil powder is easily transportable for top ups.

Sesame Sun Tan Lotion is a lower SPF product (rated 10) made with ingredients designed to help the skin produce melanin (our natural defence and the ‘tanning’ response). For those who do not need a high level of protection and will not be exposed to the sun for very often, Sesame Sun Tan Lotion encourages your skin to bronze, not burn. Walnut leaf and aloe vera extract encourage the production of melanin, while sesame leaf helps to disperse the sun’s rays more evenly over the skin. 

How does sunscreen work?

UVA and UVB rays contain energy which is capable of distorting and damaging the essential biochemistry of our skin. Sunscreens act as a shield for the skin by reflecting or absorbing these high energy waves, but have a limited effectiveness window and will break down. 

The SPF ratings seen on sunscreens estimate how long your skin will be protected from the sun. If, for example, you would normally be able to stand 10 minutes in the sun without adverse effect and you applied a generous amount of factor 15, it would theoretically allow you to stay in the sun for 150 minutes. 

Choosing (and reapplying) the right kind of protection for your skin and your routine can be difficult, because these SPF ratings are based on the tested (and often generous) application of the product. Choosing a higher factor and reapplying every two hours helps to keep your sunscreen effective.

Strictly no animal testing

Lush sun care products are tested to industry standard at a pioneering external lab in New Jersey, which uses non-animal testing methods to assess their UVA and UVB sun protection factor. Vegetarian scientist, Doctor Shyla Cantor, measures the SPF of Lush’s sun care products with paid human volunteers in order to provide you with an ethical and accurate result. The products being tested use a combination of three safe synthetic ingredients (Octyl methoxy cinnamate, Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane and Octocrylene) as well as natural materials like calamine and zinc oxide to create a protective barrier from the sun, and nourish the skin. 

When it comes to testing in the lab, Doctor Cantor grades each product’s effectiveness against UVA and UVB rays. A human volunteer has a grid drawn on their back and numbered, before having patches of skin exposed to UVA and UVB light. Scientists measure exactly when their skin responds to the rays in order to determine their natural protection, and then see how much longer an SPF product prevents them from having the same response.

The numbers ascend in increments of five (which could represent, for example, five seconds or minutes, then ten and so on), which is why these factors appear on your sunscreen. Applying a cream with an SPF of 30 will allow you to remain protected in the sun for 30 times longer than normal, as long as you have used the same amount tested during assessment. In the Lush labs, this is 2mg/cm2 (two fingers worth per area of the body). Effective application will depend on your own knowledge of how your skin copes with the sun (bear in mind some damage can only be seen in a lab), which is why it’s advisable to reapply regularly and generously. 

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about 4 years ago

Thank you Lush for making such great sun protection!!
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