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Here’s what we learnt about Lush Makeup and the beauty industry at the #LushShowcase

The Cosmetic Revolution has begun, and the groundbreaking #LushMakeup range is proof of that. We headed to the #LushShowcase to find out what to expect in the coming months. Here’s what we discovered, get ready for innovative concepts, exclusive reveals and change-making conversations.

Makeup is empowering

Makeup is a great tool for connecting people. The Showcase saw many influencers who use their platform to empower their followers attend, with the likes of beauty blogger Lovette Jallow and Youtuber Molly Burke discussing all things from ethical cosmetics to smashing Instagram beauty ideals. One such influencer was actress, podcaster and twerk instructor Kelechi Okafor who explained why beauty is so much more than a Snapchat filter.

She said: “Beauty is something that can’t really be contained because it’s the summation of who we are. It’s our character, as well as the way we express ourselves through various mediums, including makeup. Makeup is a form of self-care - it is a shield that helps you mentally prepare for going out into the world.”

We want makeup that suits our lifestyle

You’ve hit snooze one too many times and you’ve now got five minutes before you miss your train/bus/meeting/exam. We’ve all been there. People need multi-purpose makeup that works for them. We have already seen that the Slap Sticks solid foundation can be used to contour, so it was great to see that Glow Stick highlighters can also be used as lipstick and eyeshadow.

The shape and texture of the products also make them really easy to use on the go. So whether you’re doing a full face on your way into the office or touching up before an evening out, the Lush Makeup range has you covered.

Putting the planet before plastic packaging is paramount

How many products in your makeup bag are packaged in plastic? Lipstick recycling has always been a nightmare, until now. Lush has been inventing naked alternatives for a long time, and the new makeup range is following suit. The Showcase saw an exclusive reveal of wax lipstick refills that fit into your empty lipstick cases - yes any lipstick case! It’s estimated around one billion lipstick casings are discarded each year ultimately ending up in landfill. Refills could put an end to this.

The Showcase also debuted compostable eyeshadow packaging made from almond meal. Lush co-founder and inventor Rowena Bird said: “We’re looking at reusing almond meal, or taking a nut from Ecuador and turning that into a packaging format, or not having packaging at all, and that just shows it can be done”.

Ingredients that take beauty beyond the selfie are worth the effort

#LushMakeup has benefits beyond the selfie, both to the skin and to ingredient suppliers around the world. The extra virgin coconut oil, which makes up 45% of the Slap Sticks base, is sourced from the Indonesian island of Nias. The coconuts are grown, harvested and processed by the same company - Sumatera. 10% of their profits go directly to support a not-for-profit organisation that provides physical and economic support to the people of South Nias.

Jo Bridger from the Lush buying team joined a panel discussion about transparency in beauty and ethical consumption and said: “If we are buying something from our growers and the value isn’t equal to those people, it’s not a trade, it’s something else. What trade can we do that isn’t paternalistic or patronising? My dream is that instead of having a supply chain, we have an ecosystem. A system where we can understand each other and support each other.

Innovation is still possible in a saturated market

Every day we see new products promising to extend our lashes and perform miracles on our skin, but are these new products really any different to the ones that came before? So how do you find truly unique makeup? The Lush Showcase makeup stand was a good place to start.

At the colour counter, which featured 50 different pigments, customers and staff could vote for their favourites to be released as part of the new makeup range in the future. Nikki Mansouri from the makeup research and development team explained: “My goal was to mix shades that show up exactly the same on deeper skin tones as they do on lighter skin tones. Swapping titanium dioxide, which can look ashy on darker skin tones, for zinc oxide was how I achieved this. Zinc oxide also makes the pigments softer and easier to apply. The team narrowed the number from 120 to 50 shades, and then tested them on staff with a wide array of different skin tones. We wanted to ensure that every shade could be used by everyone.”  

Beauty beyond borders

Alongside the reveals of inclusive colour makeup and talks of ethical packaging, people came together for discussions on the parameters and categories society sets upon us. Makeup artist and influencer Umber Ghauri facilitated a Think Tank discussion on beauty in the age of Instagram. She said: “For me, diversity needs to be the foundation of what you’re doing, not just a marketing tool. It’s about making people feel like they are a part of something from the beginning, not that you just want to sell them something”.

The mic was passed around the room and stories and experiences were shared, questions of responsibility were raised, and facts were exposed. Lush’s own Olivia Glorney said: “I read that we scroll over 150 feet on Instagram every day. That’s the height of the Statue of Liberty”. A general consensus was shared that curating your own feeds was a good start to eliminate pictures of unattainable beauty standards. By not consuming these images we can ultimately send a message to companies and people propagating them.

Influencers from all over the world joined the discussion, reiterating the importance of community within the makeup world. With so much to be shared, the conversation was far from over once the bell tolled and will be continued in Lush’s Soho studio very soon. Watch this space!

Beauty is a state of mind

So what did we find out at the Showcase? That we can redefine beauty. That inclusivity should be at the core of a business in order for it to be successfully reflected in any range. That we are all responsible for ensuring that the products on our shelves are ethical, and most importantly, we learnt that beauty is a state of mind. Keep in the loop about new releases of makeup @lush.


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about 1 year ago

I love your ideas about makeup. However, it’s really hard to buy makeup, particularly foundation, online. I’ve had a couple of lipsticks from you that I don’t use at all because they look totally different in real life to what they looked like online - we all know that can happen. It’s why I haven’t tried the foundation sticks yet - I don’t want to have to buy two or three before I find the right one. Sooooo... I’m going to suggest you could have some samples on your shops. I know space is limited and all that, but I myself would fee more comfortable buying makeup if I could see the colours in person beforehand!
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