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Hey, #Iameshing with me?

Hooray! Iamesh Malkovich, the Man of Mesh, has come all the way from sunny Hollywoodland to share his magical meshtical powers with everyone! But wait a minute! What the heck does this mean? Mesh? Powers? Who on earth is this guy? And why should we listen to HIM?

Who the...?
First of all, Iamesh is the result of a bizarre and not so rare medical accident. Or was it malpractice? The jury’s out. He might explain it to you. Then again, he might not.
    The accident did create a very rare outcome: a walking-talking piece of performance art, combining visual displays with dramatic expression that defies almost any definition.

What the…!

Iamesh’s exploits range from high-profile public stunts (think of David Blaine suspended in a box above a street, with Paul McCartney gawping up at him, only more outlandish) to actions that fly right under the media radar, and even ones that avoid the public gaze altogether. They can be weird and wonderful, funny and absurd, dark and disturbing... sometimes all at once!
    All-in-all Iamesh Malkovich demands an emotional reaction, which is what makes him such a strange and powerful Art/Man hybrid. He exists at the edge where real life and art bleed into one another. In his case literally. Ask him about it!


Beyond the Mesh

Iamesh’s art has spread beyond himself to become an informal community dispersed across the globe,  blindly searching for – as Meshies put it – “their own way of being-not-being”, existing “on the edge of the art world, whose mainstream is under the influence of capitalism.”

The Iamesh movement – which is neither a person, artist or group art project, works to actively change the mainstream and open it up to all sections of society; not just the rich and educated.


So, it all started with a medical accident and has become steadily more surreal and inspiring ever since. You can feel its presence at exhibitions and events around the world. Everyone should experience Iamesh for themselves.

Is it a man? Is it work of art? No! Yes! No! It’s IAMESH!


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