How to choose the perfect gift

Giving a gift can be just as enjoyable and exciting as receiving one.

Well, almost.

Lush gifts come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention colours, so that you can find the perfect prezzie to please your pals, pronto!


What is better than one present? Two, of course!

Knot-wraps are a fabric alternative to gift wrap inspired by Japanese Furoshiki (a wrapping cloth). Not only do they look fantastic but reduce wastage because they can be used again and again (or given back to the gift-giver in true Japanese fashion).

There are a range of knot-wraps to choose from, including Greenspun wraps made from recycled plastic bottles, wraps made by exciting new designers, and upcycled vintage wraps that will be selected for you when you order.

You can either choose one of our knot-wrapped gifts, already containing an expertly picked selection of Lush goodies, or select the products you want to put inside yourself.

Find how to Knot Wrap yourself here. 

Gift Boxes

Whether it is a “thinking of you”, a “get well soon” or a “great job for all the hard work,” there is a gift to match every sentiment. If you want your nearest and dearest to kick back and relax, or to give them a pep up before a big interview, you will find something that fits the bill.

Each gift box is packed with products designed to work together to create a mood or feeling - the perfect present.

Bath Art gift
Selection of Lush knot wraps

Even Bigger Gift Boxes

Sometimes you need a gift to blow all others out of the water, a gift to let someone know how special they are, and a whole treasure trove of treats is a great way to get that message across. These handcrafted, fantastical gift boxes are filled with indulgent goodies to spoil that special someone.

Limited Edition Tins

A tin is a gift in itself – they look snazzy and can be used again and again - that’s once they’ve been emptied of the hoard of wonderful products inside, of course. 

Tins are often made by commissioned artists, which makes them extra special and unique. They are also pretty robust so can survive long and rigorous journeys!

Seasonal & Special Occasions

Whether you are buying for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day or, the big one, Christmas, a splendid seasonal gift is always at hand. For more festive offerings head here. 


Comments (10)

about 1 year ago

It would be great to be able to filter for 'vegan'. It's a faff having to open each item to find out whether it is cruelty-free or not. Please introduce a Vegan filter for the website.


about 1 year ago

It's all cruelty free. Vegan means it doesn't contain any animal products. You should have a look through the website and/or YouTube to see how these are sourced and you'll see there is no cruelty there. The honey Lush sources from Zambia is mesmerising - the bees know when to leave the hive so they are safe and the beekeepers don't wear any protection as they are so at peace with them. It's truly fascinating, even if it doesn't answer your query.


about 2 years ago

How do you pick knot wrap product on the website?


about 2 years ago

How do you pick out knot wrap products?


about 3 years ago

How long do bath melts and bath bombs last until they go mouldy or don't fizz or work anymore?

Zoe Godden

about 2 years ago

Most of Lush's products are best used within a year of being made, so I'd say about that time. I always get their Christmas items on sale and then gift them the next year (or keep them for myself!), and I've never had any problems with them. Hope that helps :)


about 3 years ago

Can you pick more than one scarf?


about 3 years ago

I would love it if in store or online u could choose a box for a gift the wrapping paper and the things inside that would be amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


about 3 years ago

how do I get to choose whats inside in the knot wrap ?


about 3 years ago

You can pick whatever you want in store providing it will fit in a knot :) so a few bath bombs, a few moisturisers or face masks, or a mixture of things. You can pick whatever you like then pick a scarf to wrap it in. Hope this helps x
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