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How to choose the perfect gift

Giving a gift can be just as enjoyable and exciting as receiving one. Well, almost. 

Presents with personality: What gifts to buy for people you like

We all want to give the perfect gift; to see the eyes of our partner, mum, dad, grandpa or aunt, light up when they unfurl the wrapping paper on the present that you spent yonks picking out.

Except... first you have to find that eye-brightening, jaw-dropping pressie. And there lies the tricky part. We’ve all been there; in front of the laptop with a blank screen and a blank mind - sometimes it seems impossible to know what, oh, what to buy as a gift.

Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, graduation, or perhaps you need something special for a new mum or your niece's first day at school? Whatever the occasion, you’ll find the perfect piece with just a few simple gift ideas.

It’s best to start with an idea of what the person you are buying for likes. Starting with the obvious doesn’t mean your gift will be - it’ll just be informed by the lovely person you want to spoil.

Raise your gifting game for fitness fanatics

Finding a pressie for the activity junkie in your life shouldn’t be a marathon task.


Whether it’s surfing, cycling, swimming or synchronised diving, you’re sure to make a splash with this refreshing bundle.

Whoever the recipient, they’ll want to dive straight into the scrubby sea salt goodness of Ocean Salt, get jiggy with the refreshing wobbliness of Whoosh and cleanse and invigorate with Dirty Springwash shower gel and Seanik shampoo.

Each product is inspired by the sea and features ingredients sourced from it - like Nori seaweed and fine sea salt. It’s shore to please and relax the fittest of fellows.

Thinking outside the box for budding artists

If you’re drawing a blank (canvas) when it comes to what to buy the creative in your life look no further…


They’ve got all the paintbrushes they could possibly want, so why not give them a new landscape on which to paint?

After a day’s sculpting, composing, writing or doodling, everyone deserves a good soak. And, with 17 spectacular bath treats to choose from, the #bathart potential is strong. Whether it’s the electrifying spectrum of colour offered by the vanilla-sweet Experimenter bath bomb, or the laid back pastels of lavender Twilight, as the fizzers unfurl they’ll create a unique, intensely-Instagrammable work of art - all in the comfort of the tub.

Thrills with all the frills for travellers

Know someone who loves to explore? Who’s up a mountain trekking one minute and laying on a beach the next?


Give them something they can fit neatly into their duffle bag and treat them to a bit of luxury on their travels. With four naked shower products that provide head to toe practical pampering, this handy hamper, wrapped up in a Knot Wrap made from recycled PET, will satisfy their wandering minds.

Selection of Lush knot wraps

Scentsational somethings for fragrance fiends

Getting a gift for a perfume aficionado can seem daunting, but it needn’t be. Perfume should be about how smells and scents make you feel. So why not pick a gift based on the emotion you want your pal to experience, instead of getting bogged down by hundreds of boring, sepia fragrance ads?


Karma is all about good vibes. The ecstatic blend of uplifting citrus oils and earthy patchouli creates an intoxicatingly reassuring fragrance that is somehow both uplifting and grounding at the same time. With a soap and body lotion with the same scent, the contents of this gift, homed in a beautiful reusable tin, are perfect for those who like their perfume to last well into the night. 

Bathtime breaks for busy bees

Know someone who needs a little ‘me’ time? Give them a moment of pause with a perfectly chosen, pampering gift.


It does what it says on the… dreamily decorated wrapping paper. A menagerie of soothing ingredients, like lavender, almond oil and rose, unite in the four pacifying products in this gift. Whether it’s a serene shower with Twilight shower gel, or a settling bubbly soak before bed with A French Kiss bubble bar - your busy bee is sure to find their much deserved moment of peace in this pampering parcel.

FAQ: If you’re looking to buy presents for people you don’t like, the answer’s simple. Don’t - get yourself a bath bomb instead. Still not sure what to choose? Find the entire gift range here

Comments (12)

about 3 years ago

I have a list of things that I know my mum would like, it would be good to be advised if these products all come in a gift set when I'm adding them to my basket...

Lush Customer Care

about 3 years ago


If you buy a selection of individual items they will be sent naked (no packaging) cushioned by our biodegradable Ecoflow in your parcel. If you wish to have items all wrapped up check out our Gift Sets here.

about 4 years ago

It would be great to be able to filter for 'vegan'. It's a faff having to open each item to find out whether it is cruelty-free or not. Please introduce a Vegan filter for the website.


about 4 years ago

It's all cruelty free. Vegan means it doesn't contain any animal products. You should have a look through the website and/or YouTube to see how these are sourced and you'll see there is no cruelty there. The honey Lush sources from Zambia is mesmerising - the bees know when to leave the hive so they are safe and the beekeepers don't wear any protection as they are so at peace with them. It's truly fascinating, even if it doesn't answer your query.


about 5 years ago

How do you pick knot wrap product on the website?


about 5 years ago

How do you pick out knot wrap products?


about 6 years ago

How long do bath melts and bath bombs last until they go mouldy or don't fizz or work anymore?

Zoe Godden

about 6 years ago

Most of Lush's products are best used within a year of being made, so I'd say about that time. I always get their Christmas items on sale and then gift them the next year (or keep them for myself!), and I've never had any problems with them. Hope that helps :)


about 6 years ago

Can you pick more than one scarf?


about 6 years ago

I would love it if in store or online u could choose a box for a gift the wrapping paper and the things inside that would be amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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