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How to: get the perfect pout

Get p-outrageously good lips with these hints and tips of the trade.


To keep lips looking their best, gently exfoliate with a scrub before applying colour. This will smooth and soften the texture of the skin, which in turn will help to prevent your lipstick bleeding.  Lush lip scrubs contain jojoba oil as well as caster sugar to leave moisture on the lips even after the exfoliating process.


Why not follow with a lip balm to moisturise and nourish? Lush lip balms are preservative-free and are aerated so apply easily and help to keep your lips protected. 

Add colour

Give your pout some clout with some colour. Lush make up contains long-lasting, show-stopping shades made with a hydrating base of jojoba oil, candelilla wax, and rose wax. They’re also 100% vegan and not tested on animals, so you can pucker up for a cruelty-free kiss.  

How to use:

Follow the outline of your lip with the tip of the sponge, then fill in. For a more subtle colour, use less or mix with a Lush lip balm.You can also use your lip colour as a cream blusher or eyeshadow.

hero lulea pink lipstick
A woman smiling applying lip scrub to her lips

100% vegan and not tested on animals, so you can pucker up for a cruelty-free kiss

Comments (8)


about 5 years ago

okay so personally i love the mint flavour best shortly followed by the bubblegum . i highly recomend these products as they leave you lips feeling amazing and they also taste incredible ... xox


about 5 years ago

I love the bubblegum lip scrub i bought it with birthday money i adore the smell leaves my lips very soft 5/5!


about 5 years ago

I haven't actually tried any of the lipsticks/lip-gloss but looking at the price they must be good! i might buy one but i don't really know if i should, I should probably look at reviews on them on youtube. can you guys please name one of your favorite products in lush it could be anything xx

Lucy In The Sky

about 5 years ago

Hey I absolutely love 'it started with a kiss' lip tint, stays really well and such a lovely colour xx


about 5 years ago

I bought the bubblegum lip scrub a couple of years ago after trying it, I noticed an immediate difference I HAD to get myself one! It was such a great purchase and it has lasted me years, still have loads left. (Oh, and tastes amazing too!)


about 6 years ago

I did have extremely dry lips, in the past, not any more thanks to the LUSH lip products. Only "down side" is that they are so expensive!!!

about 5 years ago

They are definitely not expensive. What you're buying is a quality product containing real, quality ingredients and none of those nasty chemicals that harm the skin, animals and the environment. If you buy cheap, you get cheap results.

about 5 years ago

I don't think it's expensive at all- you're getting quality products- quality ingredients, none of those nasty chemicals and it's not tested on animals! If you want cheap- you get cheap, nasty products with cheap looking results.
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