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How it's made: The Kiss lip scrub

The perfect kiss can’t be manufactured, but can it be made by hand? Mood-lighting, romantic music and the right ingredients say, yes, it can...


The Kiss lip scrub only takes a brief, sugar-filled moment to apply, but this sweet-talker takes little longer to make. Firstly the Fair Trade cocoa butter and safflower oil are gently heated together to a toasty temperature: this allows all that creamy cocoa butter to melt and form a rich, treacly texture.

Next this sumptuous blend is poured into an exciting machine (a bit like a giant cake mixer) while other ingredients are whipped, mixed and ground together with a little sparkle and added to the mix. Caster sugar and fine sea salt give that lovely scrubby effect so they’re added in, and red edible hearts are stirred through briefly (and very gently) to prevent them from being crushed.

As you can imagine, this rich, sugary mixture smells like a slice of raspberry ripple and bubblegum heaven as it’s stirred and left to cool. Then a measured scoop is tucked up in a small, recycled pot, with a sprinkle of hearts for added decoration. Then the lid is screwed on tightly and, voila, smooth kisses are served.

Comments (6)


about 2 years ago

I bought this today in the lush shop, its nice, tastes like sherbet. Ive tried all the lip scrubs and none of them come close to the sugar plum fairy lip scrub that was out at christmas, they should bring sugr plum fairy back permanently. Also with the pink lip scrub, i dont like the small hearts as i licked my lips one stuck in my throat for around 3/4 mins quite uncomfortable...


about 4 years ago

Is this available for purchase?


about 4 years ago

Where can we purchase this kiss lip scrub Please? Thank u


about 3 years ago

I think It's normally a valentines day exclusive but I'm not very sure


about 4 years ago

PLEASE restock this before Valentine's Day!! This is my favorite lip scrub :)


about 4 years ago

I haven't purposely bought this as its had lots of bad reviews about it being salty and I smelt it in the shop and it wasn't that nice. Wouldn't recommend buying