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The Humane Society International (HSI), USA

HSI won the Lush Lobbying prize in 2012, here's a little more about their work fighting animal testing. 

Could you describe who you are and what you do?

The Humane Society International (HSI) is one of the world’s largest and most effective forces for animal protection. We act as a voice for humane and human-relevant testing, and aim to move beyond outdated animal models by using the most advanced scientific tools. HSI comprises scientists, policy experts, campaign professionals, investigators and supporters, and is widely respected as an authority on animal research and testing issues, among other campaigns. For this reason, it is frequently called upon by governments, corporations and other official bodies for its advice and expert opinion.

Why were you nominated for the Prize?

We were nominated for our campaign to end animal testing of non-food pesticides. We conducted a painstaking analysis of EU pesticide data requirements, preparing and championing more than 80 legislative amendments aimed at replacing or reducing animal use, while maintaining the same high level of human health and environmental protection. Our campaign contributed to a dramatic reduction in animal-testing requirements under Europe’s new regulations for non-food pesticides. 

Why did you win the Prize?

We won the Prize for our work on removing animal tests from the EU’s non-food pesticide regulations.

What difference has winning the Prize made to your contribution of the goal of Replacement?

The measures adopted in the new EU Biocidal Products Regulation represent possibly the largest single reduction in in vivo data requirements in a regulated product sector. In addition to advocating for global uptake of Three Rs best practices within the pesticide sector, HSI is also actively pressing the EU to revise data requirements under the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation. Millions of animals could be spared suffering and death, if EU chemical regulators would accept the same Three Rs best practices that have already been taken up by their pesticide regulatory counterparts, for the tens of thousands of substances that fall within the scope of REACH.

Could you outline how your work overlaps with current government ethical policy?

The amendments proposed by HSI, which have the potential to reduce animal test requirements for new non-food pesticides by up to 50%, have been adopted by EU countries. We are currently approaching pesticide regulators in the USA, Canada, India and Brazil, with an eye to extending these Three Rs best practices to pesticide regulations globally.

What does winning the Prize mean to your organisation?

We are delighted to have been awarded a Lush Prize for our high-impact work to bring the science of safety testing into the 21st century with the very latest animal testing alternatives. Changing laws and regulations can take years of dedicated work, but when success comes, it can save many millions of animals from what would otherwise be the gruelling and painful ordeal of chemical poisoning. We applaud Lush for launching this prize, and congratulate other prizewinners for their vital contributions.

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Changing laws and regulations can take years of dedicated work, but when success comes, it can save many millions of animals from what would otherwise be the gruelling and painful ordeal of chemical poisoning.

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