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Hunting Act: 'We have won the battle, not the war'

Animal rights campaigners from across the UK gathered in central London on Tuesday, 14th July to urge MPs to stand up against weakening the Hunting Act.

The League Against Cruel Sports, Brian May with Save Me, PETA, Humane Society International, Lush and passionate individuals joined together at Old Palace Yard facing Westminster to call on MPs to vote against changes to the Hunting Act on Wednesday 15th July. They also heard from speakers including Angus Robertson, Westminster SNP Leader and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.

Just as anti-hunting groups arrived outside the Houses of Parliament, the government rescheduled the vote.

Angus Robertson, Westminster SNP Leader and MP for Moray said, 'My message to David Cameron is, "You're a coward". The reason you pulled the vote is that you knew you would lose. What you need to understand is that people throughout the length and breadth of the UK have come together as never before to campaign on an issue that really matters. I've been an MP now for quite a while. I have never, ever received so many emails in the course of a week. It worked.'

'Let's not lose sight of things. We have won the battle, not the war. We're not going anywhere yet.'... 'I know that my colleagues in the Scottish government are now going to look at refining legislation north of the border.'

The news was met with jubilation by the crowd, particularly Natalie Boorman who had been campaigning to convince her own MP in Dartford.

Natalie said, 'I signed a petition which got sent to my MP and he wrote me a letter saying that he would vote to repeal the act. He didn't have any valid reasons and his response was quite curt, so I started a petition hoping for 100 signatures and we got over 2,500. We've just been informed by the local paper (that have been covering the story) that he has changed his mind in light of the petition and people's views. We are just overwhelmed.'

The atmosphere was one of success, but as news of the vote rescheduling spread through the group the thoughts of many turned to the future.

Susannah Fader - who lives in Buckinghamshire and works in London believes the battle is not won yet, 'Human cruelty towards animals has no place in the 21st century... 'I've just heard that the vote has been postponed which is good in a way, but on the other hand I fear that the idea behind postponement is to limit the SNP voting powers here in Westminster and that the bill will be reintroduced after the SNP's voting powers have been limited. The fight unfortunately continues. The battle is never over because all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.'

#KeepTheBan Rally

'I have never, ever received so many emails in the course of a week. It worked' - Angus Robertson, Westminster SNP Leader

Comments (2)

about 5 years ago

Nobody won - it was a free vote that was postponed. I respect your rosy-tinted views but I just wish that you would respect my 15 chickens torn to pieces and scattered about by a fox and for the 25 ducks, two black swans, 20+ fish all killed by some "liberated" mink. Hunting is necessary.


about 5 years ago

Lush, I loved you before, but I love you even more for your stance on #keeptheban. I want to thank you for your campaigns and being a very public voice. To all the guys and gals that went to the demo - a massive clap of hands and thank you. I was with you in spirit. Love from Yorkshire.