Inside the Lush Perfume Library

A unique space that merges inspirational literature with a range of exclusive perfumes. Step into your nearest Lush Perfume Library and you’ll unearth a huge selection of fine fragrance. Read on to discover more about these one-of-a-kind shops.

Alongside Lush's current perfume range, visitors to the Lush Perfume Libraries will find 29 fine fragrances including 27 re-released exclusively from Cosmetics to Go, Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful and Lush, as well as two brand new perfumes, Junk and SOS. So far, you’ll find perfume libraries in Liverpool, Florence, Munich, Shinjuku and Poole.

Each fragrance acts as a hallmark in our perfume history, showcases the love of fine fragrance by Lush’s perfumers and the evolution of our own perfume history.  Without following market trends or compromising on the quality of ingredients and integrity to the art, fragrance has always been a means of expression for Lush perfumers Mark and Simon Constantine and Emma Dick. The Perfume Library offers our customers and staff a unique opportunity to learn about perfumery and own a piece of our fragrance history.

As well as exclusive new and previously released perfumes, the Perfume Library also features a collection of books, recommended by Mark Constantine on perfumery, essential oils, and aromatherapy.

This is the first time we have sold a large selection of non-Lush books in one of our shops. Books have always been part of the fabric at Lush, and over the years, they’ve inspired products, have been used in staff training and editorial meetings. Lush has always enjoyed sharing the books that have inspired its founders, products, and values with staff and customers, and we often invite authors along to live book club events in our London office in Beak St.

The books on sale in the Perfume Library are there to inspire and share insight into perfumery, its history, and its creation process. Some of these books have inspired Lush’s perfumers and currently sit on their shelves in the labs and are used for research and education on perfumery. By selling them alongside the perfumes that were created over the years, each fragrance acts as a hallmark in our perfume history. This collection of perfumes and books showcase the love of perfumery by Lush and the evolution of our own perfume history. Visit and you can own a little piece of our fragrance history.


Fragrances exclusive to The Perfume Library

Ginger £69 for 100ml

The first Cosmetics To Go Perfume, released in 1988.  Ginger returned to Lush in 2003.

An elegant but enlivening blend of spicy ginger, mimosa and sandalwood that unfolds slowly and uniquely on the warmth of your skin.

There will also be 12 limited edition hand-painted Ginger gift boxes recreated from the original Cosmetics to Go version for sale at Liverpool only.

Salarium £150 for 100ml  

This rare perfume was created in 1989 for Cosmetics To Go and inspired by an evening in Cannes.  The reworked Salarium contains regenerative neroli oil from Lebanon. You can read all about it here.

A superlative blend of oudh, neroli and rose that’s really worth its salt. Sublimely smooth and sexy, with a rugged undertone.

Himalaya £79 for 100ml

Created in 1993 during Cosmetics To Go inspired by a trip to Kathmandu. The new Himalaya contains regenerative ylang ylang oil from Ghana, which you can read all about here.

An intoxicating mix of florals and heady spice, musky but fresh, and incredibly moreish. Spikenard and ylang ylang create a regal, resinous perfume with beguiling sweet notes.

Pansy £69 for 100ml

Pansy was also another Cosmetics To Go perfume and last seen in 1993 as part of the Hollyhocks Range. Have a sniff of Olive Branch as Pansy directly inspired this popular scent.

Give them something to snuggle up to. Rosemary, orange flower and galbanum serve up a distinctly blackberry fragrance for those with a sweet tooth or sweetheart.

V  £69 for 100ml

In 1995, Lush launched five perfumes and V was one of them. It was one of Mark’s first perfumes, in particularly his first violet perfume.  Learn more about the regenerative ylang ylang inside here.

Sensual violet, a slice of intrigue, a dash of mistaken identity and lashings of champagne. A delicate floral fragrance that’s just a little bit gothic.

Assassin Remix £79 for 100ml

A remix of a 2004 perfume created for Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful.  

Kill distraction. Keep your composure. Reach for an authoritative perfume with its own agenda and just a hint of waspishness. Suit up in sharp lime and enlivening neroli, as tart blackcurrant cuts through the crowds, kicking apathy to the kerb and reclaiming your personal space. This perfume says you mean business.

Cocktail, £79 for 100ml

Originally created under Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful in 2004, Cocktail is a beautiful dress-up fragrance, a final gesture in the ritual of preparing to go out for a special evening. Find out more about the regeneratively sourced ylang ylang inside here.

A sultry homage to French perfumery, this statement jasmine fragrance will become completely, idiosyncratically yours. An elegant dress-up perfume that really comes to life on the skin.

B Scent £95 for 100ml

Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful’s house scent, created in 2004. B Scent is a tribute to the time in our lives when we are young, carefree, single and ready to branch out. Nothing seems impossible.

A sparkling, sophisticated grapefruit and rose bouquet, with an elegant flourish of fennel.  Inspired by Paris and carefree, fruity summers.

Two More Hearts £79 for 100ml

A remix of a sensual and sophisticated Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful perfume called Two Hearts Beating As One from 2004.

Is tonight the night? Chaste rose says wait while carnal jasmine seduces. A delicately sensual musk that promises long evenings dressed in nothing but each other’s company.

Fantabulosa £79 for 100ml

Originally a 2004 Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful perfume called Ladyboy, Fantaboulsa means  ‘wonderful’ in Polari: form of slang used by gay men in Britain prior to the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967, primarily as a coded way for them to discuss their experiences.

Oi, darling, varda a new smellie? An intriguing and sophisticatedly sweet bananary blend to wear with pride.

Never Ever Om £150 for 100ml

A remix of a 2004 Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful perfume called OM had a rich and splendid array of notes from instant smoky geranium through to its sweet fruit spice. Mark had the idea in Camden one day, and then rose at 5am the next morning ready to work with the raw materials. It all happened in one day, unheard of for a perfumer’s work.

Bustling Camden Lock is bottled into a blend of incense, spice, patchouli and tonka. Amidst the chaos, a steady sultana-esque core blossoms: the calm inside the storm.

Superworldunknown £79 for 100ml

Originally created for Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful in 2008, this perfume was named after the ‘Superworldunknown’ album by Swedish singer Karin Park in 2003 after she visited the Be shop.

Run away to the circus with this fantastically tart and gourmand perfume, evocative of sherbert fountains, toffee apples and candy floss.

The Smell Of Freedom £125 for 100ml

Created in 2010 as part of the first Gorilla perfumes launch. The three components of The Smell of Freedom (Old Delhi station, Oudh heart, Firetree) will also be sold in Liverpool as perfume oils.

For rebel hearts and freedom fighters comes a blend of fire tree, oud and lemongrass to stoke a fire in your soul. Rich and earthy on the skin, evocative and deeply affecting on passersby.

Orange Blossom £95 for 100ml

Created in 2010 as part of the first Gorilla perfumes launch, and now made with regeneratively sourced neroli from Lebanese farms that oppose illegal bird shooting.

A hedonistic bouquet of neroli, orange flower and rosewood that recalls the Mediterranean in full bloom. Crisp, sharp and just a little rough around the edges.

Hairdresser’s Husband £125 for 100ml

Hairdresser’s Husband was a Gorilla Gallery exclusive perfume in 2010.

Intoxicating salon smells of hair spray, rose water and shampoo are tangled up in orange, grapefruit and tonka. This homage to hairdressing is so mouthwatering you’ll want to pour it all over ice and drink up.

Watch Mark talk about the inspiration for Hairdresser’s Husband and see glimpses of the 2010 Gorilla Gallery here.

Tuca Tuca £95 for 100ml

Created in 2010 after an Italian Lush manager’s meeting in Venice and inspired by the classic Italian pop song ‘Tuca Tuca’.  This was Mark’s second Violet fragrance (V being the first).

Flirtatious nightclub violet in an exotic cocktail of cassie and vanilla absolutes. Delectable and packed with Italian flair, this all-singing, all-dancing perfume will steal your heart - and your best intentions.

Lord Of Misrule £69 for 100ml

First appeared in 2014 as a Lush Kitchen exclusive. This shares the same fragrance as the Lord of Misrule bath bomb and shower cream.  Last seen as part of the Community Favourites launch.

With regeneratively sourced patchouli from a permaculture site in Sumatra. A puckish patchouli, vanilla and black pepper perfume that dances on the edge of incense. As it settles, sweetness and spice combine, and dark, smoky base notes come out to play.

Lord of Goathorn  £125 for 100ml

From the Volume II collection in 2012, inspired by a longshoreman known as the Lord of Goathorn, this is a distinctly marine-like fragrance.

Let this distinct and divisive perfume carry you away on a tide of basil, tarragon and seaweed, as salty marine notes turn smoky on the skin. A unique, uncompromising fragrance that will make the landlocked yearn for the seaside.

The Bug   £125 for 100ml

A dystopian fragrance from the Volume II collection in 2012.

A protest perfume for the surveillance age. Galbanum, elemi and labdanum combine in a dystopic, changeable blend that smells eerily cold at first, but is changeable, peppery and immensely likeable on the skin.

Death and Decay   £95 for 100ml

From the Volume III collection in 2014. The pure scent of lily mingles with over-ripe tones of indole to give this fragrance a pungent, narcotic headiness. Let it transport you to a serene space where the fullness of beauty and its inevitable decay can be contemplated without fear. The message is one of meditation, acceptance and optimism delivered in a glorious, floral flourish.

A loving, reverent study of pure, sweet lilies and funereal silences. Notes of ylang ylang, rose and jasmine are serene and poignant on the skin, yet ultimately uplifting with time.

Dad’s Garden - Honeysuckle and Chamomile   £95 for 100ml

From the Volume III collection in 2014. Symbolic of the passing of tradition from generation to generation, this perfume is Simon Constantine’s own homage to his father’s garden. Inspired by the floral, herbal scents in Mark’s garden, the scent of chamomile and honeysuckle create a warm, comforting fragrance that is reassuringly optimistic. This fragrance tackles the more positive elements of mourning, and signals the process of renewal and moving forwards.

A stirring and herbaceous homage to Mark’s chamomile lawn, bordered by honeysuckle. Lavender and orange flower bring elegance and warmth, promising the highs of a new summer and the prospect of renewal.

Blackcurrant Angel £95 for 100ml

A Gorilla Gallery Tour Exclusive in 2017 to promote Volume IV. You can find out more here:

Hal Samples spent a lot of time with the homeless community in Dallas. He would take photos and film the people he met on the streets, sharing the results with them. Many of them had words of wisdom and life lessons to impart, but most people

would walk right by without even seeing them. Hal knew his mission was to make his friends visible, and share their inspirational words with the world. When Simon Constantine heard the stories and watched the films, he was moved into creating a perfume to represent the characters Hal had met, and the many more out there, whose words were yet unheard. Read more about Hal’s story here.

A curious fruity blackcurrant that’s impossible to ignore. Rich, guaiacwood undertones add warmth while intriguing osmanthus invites conversation with a stranger.

Road from Damascus  £150 for 100ml

A Gorilla Gallery Tour Exclusive in 2017 to promote Volume IV.

Simon went on a buying trip to Lebanon to experience the Damascus rose and orange flower that was found there. After passing through a checkpoint on his

travels, Simon was warned that he and his companions would not be able to return the same way. Since the beginning of the war in Syria, Lebanon has taken in over one million refugees. For Simon, experiencing checkpoints guarded at gunpoint and talking to refugees about their flight to safety really brought home the reality of how much the world has changed.

Dusky rose partners with bitter orange, evoking the Middle Eastern florals of Syria and Lebanon. A beautifully poignant perfume, inspired by Simon’s meetings with Syrian refugees forced to flee their homeland.

Sweet Grandma   £79 for 100ml

A Gorilla Gallery Tour Exclusive in 2017 to promote Volume IV.

Hal's childhood was troubled and traumatic. Mary Ellen, his grandmother, would rescue him from bad situations and whisk him away to safety. Staying with his grandma was fun and filled with joy. They would enter - and win - dance contests in Dallas clubs, and she would allow Hal to film her and document their time together to his heart's content. In her youth Mary Ellen was a glamorous model, and appeared in Vogue. She would reminisce about her modelling days with Hal and show him pictures of her glittering career. When Hal was older, Mary Ellen offered him a place on her sofa when he needed somewhere to stay. This fragrances are a loving tribute to her beautiful, multifaceted personality. 

A glamorous, glittering tribute to the young at heart, reminiscent of Dallas nightclubs and dance contests. Dripping with charm and character, this generous lemon, rosewood and jasmine perfume welcomes you with open arms.

Secret Garden £200 for 100ml

A Gorilla Gallery Tour Exclusive in 2017.

As an optimistic gardener, Simon often fantasises about growing plants and flowers to create the perfect, permaculture plot. After a few failed attempts he found it easier to create this gorgeous fragrance. It captures the smell of his imagined secret garden, and is a tip of his hat to the dear, old friend who taught him all about permaculture. Osmanthus and immortelle everlasting invoke the great outdoors and the scent of verdant, fertile nature.

Sticky apricot notes combine with myrrh to create a rich, resinous perfume with green hues and straw undertones. Simon’s ode to an old friend captures the scent of the great outdoors and nature perfectly in balance, as imagined in the permaculture garden of his dreams.

Grass £79 for 100ml

A Community Favourites Exclusive from 2018.

The anticipation of summer, bottled in a verdant perfume. Freshly cut grass meets arresting neroli, with just a hint of violet. On your skin, earthy sandalwood takes root. There’s fruitiness – a little wood smoke too. Bergamot beds down amongst herbal hues. No saccharine, sad excuse for a green perfume, but a bold, uncompromising forest fragrance.

A bold and uncompromising verdant perfume with herbal hues. Freshly cut grass meets arresting neroli, with just a hint of violet and earthy sandalwood.

Metamorphosis £79 for 100ml

A Lush Labs exclusive in 2018.

A perfume that transforms on the heat of your skin into something stronger, sweeter and wiser. The initial rush of sharp Sicilian red mandarin and bittersweet neroli gradually succumbs to moody sandalwood and spicy clove. From the embers, emerges a smoky, incense-like sweetness, all the better for being broken down. It’s a fragrance that speaks of hardship and loss, but also closure: the sense of time passing and wounds healing. It’s reassurance in the face of adversity. And ultimately evolution into something better.

An initial rush of mandarin and neroli transforms on the skin into smoky, incense-like sweetness. A fragrance that speaks of hardship and loss, but also closure and evolution.

SOS £79 for 100ml

This perfume shares the same fragrance as the ever so popular Orangutan soap and SOS shampoo bar.

With regeneratively sourced patchouli from a permaculture site in Sumatra. A wild, underground ode to patchouli and Brazilian orange that’s not for the fainthearted. Vivacious juicy notes promise renewal in the bleakest of times.

Junk £69 for 100ml

This is the first fine fragrance created by Emma Dick. Originally called Blackberry Hill, Mark changed the name to Junk as he was inspired by the Leonard Cohen lyric, ‘Took my diamond to the pawnshop, But that don’t make it junk.’

Took my diamond to the pawnshop but that don't make it junk. Lemon, rosemary and sage combine into a fresh herbal perfume with a fruity blackcurrant twist. Not a throwaway perfume - one to savour.

If you aren’t able to visit a shop don’t worry, you’ll still find the core range and Perfume Library ranges online. Alternatively, if you fancy jumping further down the Lush perfume rabbit hole, you can brush up on your fragrance know-how here. 


‘The book that started it all.’ Mark Constantine Lush co-founder & perfumer on The Art Of Aromatherapy by Robert Tisserand

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about 2 months ago

Does that mean if I want some Lord of Misrule fragrance, I need to make a trip to the Liverpool shop? What's wrong with offering it for sale online?


about 1 month ago

You can buy it online and in stores


about 6 months ago

I am so glad I collected most of these perfumes before they were no longer available. I am shocked -truly shocked by the prices.... I was just wondering recently about getting another bottle of B scent as I am running low. I see it is no longer available to purchase anywhere but in Liverpool now and the price has more than doubled--all of these perfumes have doubled and tripled in price. I bought Tuca Tuca less than a year ago for I think £25 or £29--now its £95--and ALL of the perfumes are priced like this. It looks like ebay with unbelievable prices. I gave Lord of Goathorn away to a friend awhile back because it imo smelled horrendous --wish I'd kept it....£125...really--I'm sorry but I do not know how you can justify your prices. I have gone in the past 2 years from spending over £1000 a year on Lush for 15 years to an occasional purchase. I spend less than £50 a year now on your products. I just cannot justify buying the items I want..I am not a bathbomb person. Since you closed the kitchen, I have saved a ton of money--so I guess I should thank you...but I certainly miss the old Lush--way too pretentious now.


about 10 months ago

I loved Potion. Absolutely gorgeous.


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Loved this article! Thanks for putting this all together :)