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Inside the world’s biggest Lush shop

The doors are open, and the secret is out - three floors and 1,380 square meters of smells, sounds and experiences await. Welcome to Lush Liverpool - the largest Lush on the planet!

With space to fill over 9 million bath bombs, feast your eyes on the latest and greatest cosmetic innovations straight out of #LushLabs. Our inventors have been working hard and fast to revolutionise the cosmetic world as you know it - so, whether you’ve come to stock up on essentials, treat yourself to a treatment, or explore cutting edge product innovation, this is the place to soak it all in.

Hair for you

Make everyday the perfect hair day by stepping into the HairLab - Lush’s first salon. With a range of cutting and styling consultations, luxurious hair treatments, and over 50 new haircare products, it’s an experience inventor Dan Campbell hopes creates quite the buzz!

He explains: “When you have your hair done and you’re having to open up to a stranger, that can be quite scary. But it can be a beautiful and validating experience - it’s about making people feel good about themselves”.

Want to find out what Dan and our team of salon experts have been up to? Discover more about the latest hair care innovations here

Flower Power

Here at Lush we’re no stranger to the power of flowers, and we’re bringing the seeds of change to our biggest shop in the world. Liverpool is the only store to host a permanent florist - selling locally sourced and in-season bouquets. They’re even wrapped in 100% compostable packaging for the journey, making it easier than ever to enjoy your environmentally-friendly flower fix. Potted plants are also on offer, planted in a compost mixture sourced from factory waste collected at our Green Hub.  If that’s plucked your interest, head here to find out more about all things flora.

A moment of calm

Escape the hustle and bustle of the high street and delve into the Lush Spa - freshly restyled with a classic feel. Whether you’re searching for inner peace or a pamper with your pals, six treatment rooms await. Shopping bags weighing you down? Why not try the exclusive Shop, Don’t Drop treatment, only available at Lush Liverpool. Quick enough to pop into your lunch break, there’s no need to derobe as one of our expert spa therapists revives body and mind using tension-relieving massage and stretches. Now that’s something to twist and shout about!

Liverpool Lush HairLab
Lush Makeup Liverpool

Culture corner

Away from the hubbub of the shop floor, settle down amongst an enthralling collection of perfumery books, and breathe in 29 exclusive perfumes from Lush’s history. As you exhale, let your troubles float away to the sounds of our fresh, handmade music. Liverpool houses the entire Lush music collection, including Instant Replay - ECC100’s latest record exclusively launched here.

Label manager Mira Manga explains: “Music has inspired Lush so much. By taking home a beautiful record, we’re giving people peace in a fractured world.”

A library for the senses chosen by inventors and founders - discover the stories, sounds and smells that inspired your favourite products. You might even find your new signature scent!

Beyond the selfie

Whether you’re a self-confessed makeup lover, or fancy trying something new, find the entire #LushMakeup range at Lush Liverpool. From naked foundation and vegan lipsticks to packaging-free Glow Sticks and innovative brushes, discover makeup with benefits beyond the selfie.You’ll find everything you need to fill your eco-friendly makeup bag. Read more about Lush Makeup here. 

Put the kettle on!

Decaf, flat white, americano - we’ve all got a favourite. But now your cuppa’ can also be locally sourced, 100% vegan, and single-use-plastic free. That’s right, for the first time ever you can grab your morning pick me up from Lush Liverpool as it debuts its very own tea and coffee bar. Simply bring along a reusable cup (or purchase one) and enjoy a variety of hot drinks sourced right here in the UK. What’s more, a variety of vegan milks are cycled over from local producers. Now THAT’s fresh!

Here comes the fun...

A famous band from Liverpool once said “We all wanna change the world”, and here at Lush we think we’ve got a real solution. You’re invited along to experience our groundbreaking innovations and unique experiences on a larger scale than ever before. We’ve started a cosmetic revolution, and Liverpool is only the first step.

Want to join in? Click here to find your nearest Lush store and help us change the world, one bath bomb at a time!

Comments (2)


about 1 year ago

It looks amazing! If I'm ever anywhere near there, it will be on the top of my to do list. Unfortunately I live on the opposite side of the country. Please don't keep all your perfumes in just one store! Share the love online and in your other stores Lushies!


about 2 years ago

As a very small scale soap maker myself, I actually almost cried when I visited this store. Truly inspiring. Well done guys, it's amazing Xx Debbie U