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Introducing 1R Institute: Lush Lobbying Prize winners 2016

Joint winner of the Lobbying category at the Lush Prize 2016, the 1R Institute has been instrumental in making changes in Brazil, in the area of animal experimentation. They say: “Only the replacement of an animal model can contribute to a change on the scientific paradigm, promoting ethical and humanitarian scientific advances.”

The 1R Institute had a major breakthrough in November 2015. Supported by the Brazilian Network for Humane Education (RedEH)’s members, the 1R Institute asked national bodies to recognise conscientious objection of students who wished to abstain from animal experimentation. They put this request to the National Council for Control of Animal Experimentation (CONCEA), and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). This request asked for the protection and support of students who wish to conscientiously object to taking part in animal experimentation. It also aimed to put a stop to the desensitising of future scientists. 1R also asked that participation in classes with harmful animal use be non-obligatory.

The request was succesful. CONCEA made the decision that institutions using animal experimentation would have the legal responsibility to offer alternative methods of evaluation for Conscientious Objectors, and made the decision that there should be an Institutional ombudsman office for subjects relating to animal use.

The 1R institute says: “Defending the student's right to conscientiously object to the harmful use of animals in their education, these future researchers will contribute to the new scientific and technological development, facing the fast development in research on animal model replacement around the world.”

The 1R Institute is now in contact with students in Brazil to spread the non-animal resources and also to promote new alternative methods for education and research projects.

Róber Bachinski and Bianca Marigliani, two founder members of the 1R Institute, each received the Lush Prize in 2015 in the Young Researcher category. Of winning the Lush Prize in 2016, 1R says: “The win will surely contribute to more impact of 1R projects in science and society, especially disclosing our projects and more opportunities for researchers, professors and students.”

There’s more on the horizon for the 1R Institute. They say: “Although we consider advances on the reduction and refinement of animal testing important, we must encourage students, young researchers, universities and the government to develop and implement research aiming for the replacement of the animal model.”


The 1R Institute asked national bodies to recognise conscientious objection of students who wished to abstain from animal experimentation.

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