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Introducing Lush Makeup

The people have spoken. In fact, if you listen hard enough, they still are! Our customer feedback is everything to us, so thank you for letting us know over the years what you expect from us as an ethical beauty brand. We’ve taken it all on board to bring you this exciting new range and we’ve got plenty more in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Naked Lipsticks and Refillable Lipstick Case

Introducing our entirely vegan range of plastic and palm free lipsticks in a creamy, castor oil formula. Launching on the 27th November 2020, our range will be available in all global stores* in 5 stunning shades. If you shop online or in one of our makeup concept stores (Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool, Munich, Oxford Street, Shinjuku) then you can shop our entire extended range of 21 shades!
As always, we believe in taking innovation to the next level. All 21 shades come wrapped in a protective wax casing, which is designed to be peeled to reveal each bullet of lip colour. Simply pull the black tab at the bottom of the product upwards to peel the wax. Remove the black wax at the bottom and slot into your reusable, plastic free lipstick case. Last but not least, once it’s secure, carefully peel away the remaining wax casing. Voila, your cruelty free lip colour is ready to go! Once you’re ready for a new shade, reuse your lipstick case again and again! Also, If you’ve got a few lipstick cases lying around at home that need a new lease of life, chop out the old colour, clean out the case and pop a new, cruelty free lipstick refill inside. Reduce, reuse, repurpose!
*Lush makeup does not currently sell its entire lipstick range in North America.

Eyeliners and mascara

Let your eyes mesmerise with this show stopping range of our best loved shades eyeliner in a petite yet diverse collection! Launching on the 27th November 2020 in all global Lush stores* and online, we’ve curated our eyeliners down to a range of 6 captivating shades which are considered to be the most wearable and iconic to our customers. These are the ones we found were being talked about online and in print publications, gaining lots of positive feedback. 
Our eyeliners contain a soothing base of organic jojoba and Fair Trade organic aloe vera gel, to ensure that your chosen shade will glide on seamlessly and be extra gentle on the delicate eye area. Whether you choose to line or blot the colour to use as a shadow, this lightweight, super pigmented eye colour will sit comfortably all day. Be sure to use alongside our range of handmade, vegan brushes!

Lush Lashes is our brand new, low preservative mascara that delivers dramatic results! Launching in all global stores on the 27th November, 2020.

For stand out volume, this non irritating, buildable mascara is unlike any other.  Packed full of natural ingredients such as gentle and protective beeswax, nourishing wheatgrass and extra virgin coconut oil to protect the lash hair, the sky really is the limit for luscious lengths. For our vegan customers, we have of course kept our best selling and well established mascara, Eyes Right! This conditioning, wheatgrass infusion based formula is absolutely perfect for use as an every day mascara. 

*Lush Makeup does not currently sell its entire eye range in North America, Netherlands or Germany.

Skin tints and face powder

This beloved range has been a long standing feature of our Makeup and will continue to be available in all stores worldwide! A range of simple, must have products designed to fit all routines, however easy going or extensive. Use Emotional Brilliance powder as a radiant, translucent setting powder and use our skin tints however you see fit! Our favourite ways are adding them to your moisturiser for an all over the skin pick me up, as well as popping onto the apples of the cheeks for a warming glow (Charisma) or onto the cheekbones for a subtle pop of highlight (Feeling Younger).

Vegan Makeup brushes

Introducing our range of 5 vegan makeup brushes which will soon be on all global shop floors!  Our makeup brushes are a solid investment for your makeup bag, providing long lasting usability alongside a wide range of Lush products and beyond! Our premium quality brushes are made from lightweight aluminium and biodegradable, sustainably sourced wood with a cellulose-based lacquer. Our durable, cruelty free bristles are 100% synthetic and are hand packed and secured using a vegan glue. As they are designed to be cherished over a long period of time, they also look beautiful, too!

Should you wish to shop the entire collection, once again you can find these in our Makeup concept stores (Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool, Munich, Oxford Street, Shinjuku), as well as online!


Slap Stick solid foundation

We believe that make up is for all and always should be. When it comes to a trusty base product, Slap Sticks have you covered and come in 40 different shades with 3 different undertones: cool, neutral and warm. We also believe that something you’re wearing on your skin all day should be packed full of skincare benefits. Crafted with cosmetic grade argan and coconut oils, our solid, vegan foundations offer an enriching, dewy coverage with a natural, buildable coverage. Our entire range is available online and if you prefer to try in store, you can find Slap Sticks in our global makeup concept stores (Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool, Munich, Oxford Street, Shinjuku).

Trix Sticks

Trix or treat? You can have both with our range of buildable coverage Trix Sticks, designed to conceal, contour and highlight the skin. However you like to use these multi purpose cover sticks, just know there are very few rules. Whether you prefer blending out with a brush, sponge or your fingers (a really underrated blending tool, in our opinion) or even want to brush a little of our darker shades of Trix Sticks onto the spoolie end of our U-N-I Brow brush to define the brows, the choice is yours! Find the entire range online, or if you prefer to try in store, you can find Trix Sticks in our global makeup concept stores (Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool, Munich, Oxford Street, Shinjuku).

Glow Sticks 

To top off our collection, we have Glow Sticks: our 100% vegan, naked highlighter range. As you can see here, you can use these multipurpose cream sticks anywhere you want to sparkle, be it on the lips, the eyes or of course, on the cheekbones! Made with a creamy mix of argan and coconut oils and powered by plastic free sparkle, Glow Sticks deliver a super buildable, dewy and luminous glow to the skin. We have a range of 5 different shades, from champagne shimmer to a pop of sparkling rose. Check them out here! If you prefer to try in store, you can find Trix Sticks in our global makeup concept stores (Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool, Munich, Oxford Street, Shinjuku).

That’s a wrap!

There are many more exciting plans in the pipeline for Lush Makeup, so watch this space!

Comments (35)


about 9 months ago

So I’ve just come on to order ‘Happiness’ as I use it on my brows, it looks like you’ve discontinued it and by the looks of the comments you’ve not replaced any of the make up range you took off... have you got anything like the bottle of ginger ‘happiness’? Also why did you remarket the perfume, I used to buy them for the beautiful art on the bottles ‘Karma’ was my fave, I’ve lost interest since they are now just bottled with black and white labels, with just the word Karma on it. They were beautiful before, madness that you’d change something as beautiful!!!???

Lush Customer Care

about 9 months ago


Hi there, we did discontinue some of our product range and create some new products to choose from. Sometimes we develop the packaging on our products the same way that we develop and discontinue some products. If you can't find something on the website it has been discontinued I am afraid. I will drop in a suggestion for you for the products that you would like to see again! Hopefully they will make a comeback! ~ Ros


about 1 year ago

I agree with the comment below, that "discontinuing items before suitable replacements are available only disappoints your customers and forces them to look elsewhere". I desperately miss your colour supplement foundation, and nothing comes close to matching it - especially not your foundation sticks, which are messy and don't last. hair custard is also no longer the same. Please listen to customer feedback before discontinuing some of your best-loved products and most loyal customers.


about 1 year ago

Please bring back the eyebrow crayon blonde! It was the best eyebrow solution I have ever used in terms of texture and colour. Why did you discontinue such an amazing product but decided to keep items that are not so good like your mascara for example? I understand you're looking for a new range but discontinuing items before suitable replacements are available only disappoints your customers and forces them to look elsewhere...

Lush Customer Care

about 1 year ago


Hello! We did a shake up of the makeup range last year, and kept on the most popular products. Slowly but surely we're expanding the range again, with foundations, concealers, highlighters and lipsticks with a lot more on the way, so keep your eyes peeled for some new & innovative items in the range coming soon!


about 1 year ago

Contrary to other comments I LOVED your brow crayon for blondes! It was the perfect colour: unlike other brands it achieved a subtle lightness (maybe even a mousiness) that suited me so much more than the various tan, buff and even green alternatives. Bring it back in any formula, but please please keep the amazing (rare) colour!

Fancy Nancy

about 1 year ago

Where is this new make-up line? It's been at least a year and a half now! How long does it take? I am still in search of a replacement for the eyeshadow line that was taken away! I don't really care for your crayon make-up and raised the price of your measly two eye make-up that you have! What's going on?!


about 1 year ago

Very disappointed that you removed your gold eyeliner from the shop months and months ago, and STILL don’t have a replacement available. Why didn’t you carry on with the old range until the new makeup was available? When will you be replacing the old range?

Fancy Nancy

about 1 year ago

I am very disappointed with this company! First you take away the Luch kitchen which I loved! Then you take away the eyeshadow line with my favorite liquid eyeshadow and powder which are the only eye makeup I can use! Now I can't find a replacement for them and now I have to wait for who knows what will come next and when! I have been a customer of yours for years now and I am so disgusted I don't want to be a customer anymore! Get it together or you will be losing more of us!

about 2 years ago

Which stores are the make up products from the new range being stocked in?