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Introducing the Lush perfumes inspired by home

What does the idea of home mean to you? Is it the smell of baking on a Sunday? The comforting, yet indescribable scent of a loved one? A warm welcome in an unfamiliar place? Or perhaps leaving for a long time and then returning?

Whether you’re a wanderer or a nest builder; the word ‘home’ means different things to different people and it is this sentiment which inspired the Volume IV perfume range.

From unruly, rough and ready notes which evoke life on the road - rentless and liberated, to colourful, floral and fruity notes which burst with childlike energy- light and uplifting; Volume IV is a mix of nostalgic familiarity and reassurance. Just a spritz of one of these perfumes and the blend of fine essential oils will take you ‘home’.  

Cardamom Coffee
Cardamon, spice and all things nice. This exotic fragrance combines peppery cardamom with rich Colombian cocoa absolute for a warm, yet homely blend. In the heart of this perfume lies dark and stormy oudh. A rare and opulent oil with a woody aroma, oudh is a precious ingredient obtained from the agar tree and adds a complex, resinous base note. A mist of rich Cardamom Coffee will reveal a soft trail of rose; a symphony of indulgence and discovery.

Amelie Mae

Amelie Mae is bursting with sweet, floral innocence and overflowing with a playfully light, fruity aroma. This joyful tonic is packed with some seriously luxurious ingredients. Ride down a helter-skelter of essential oils and unearth bewitching lavender, heady ylang ylang and aromatic rose. Amelie Mae is an elegant fragrance with a bubbly and mischievous undertone.

I’m Home

Rich Colombian cocoa brings a deep, dark chocolatey base to I’m Home, while vanilla brings a delicate sweetness. The lavish essential oil benzoin resinoid adds an an earthy but fudgey fragrance. Despite its ever-changing scent on the skin, this perfume is familiar and comforting and will always bring you right back home to your honey.


Underneath earthy patchouli oil, a chorus of comforting tonka absolute, reminiscent of vanilla caramel, plays. All the while zesty grapefruit oil elevates this fragrance with joyful citrus, and musky labdanum grounds. Obtained from a species of rock rose, the resin: labdanum gives Rentless a distinctive and decadent amber undertone. This smoky yet sweet perfume encourages us to slow down, indulge in the moment and embrace unexpected happenings.

What would love do?

Light and sunny citrus follows a heavier floral first impression in this stunning perfume and beneath its uplifting, zesty exterior lies a flirty undercurrent. The inspiring mix of classic, floral lavender, cheerful tangerine oil and syrupy benzoin resinoid is exquisitely romantic and soothing, evoking the safe embrace of a loved one.

Find out more about the inspiration and stories behind the perfumes and explore the thought-provoking collection here.


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