Introducing Lush Shinjuku: Your fresh digital playground

Lush Shinjuku has opened its doors, but what lies inside? If fresh product, dynamic design, and innovative tech is your jam, Lush Shinjuku promises four floors of just that, each offering an interactive space for you to explore, create, and shop. Read on as we spill the green tea on the newest Lush to hit Japan!

Jump off the train at JR Shinjuku Station’s Central East exit, and you’ll probably be greeted firstly by a surge of people (it’s the busiest station in the world), but secondly by the unmissable LED visuals that scale Lush Shinjuku’s outer wall, inviting you to step inside...

Do you catch our Tokyo drift?

With a metropolis full of inspiration right on Lush Shinjuku’s doorstep, Tokyo itself became the muse for the newest Lush store, with the team inspired by the city’s fusion of tradition and pop culture, international visitors, and vibrant neon streets. “We looked at what each part of the city represented,” explains design principal Gemma-Lea Goodyer, “and we discovered that Shinjuku really is a meeting place for friends and tourists alike as they head off to socialise. We wanted Lush to be that beacon of light, creating a landmark that people could recognise and meet at. Tokyo, as a whole, is full of vivid colour so we really wanted to capture that inside and outside of the store.”

Building a shop in a global meeting ground like Shinjuku meant that breaking down language barriers became an important part of the design. Gemma explains: “Rather than integrating technology into a shop environment, we’re experimenting with developing and elevating our retail experience for a global digital age, using icons and video together to help customers navigate our products in a language-free way.” As you browse, for example, you’ll notice icons and film signpost your way, rather than words alone. But creating an immersive shoppable space that could be enjoyed by international customers also meant the need for technology that works harder and faster.

Image of shower icon in Lush Shinjuku

Let’s get digital!

How does a language-free store ensure that all that vital product know-how doesn’t get lost in translation? With an app, of course. Developed in-house by the tech warriors, the #LushLabs App uses an in-app artificial intelligence (AI) camera function to recognise product, so snap away during your visit to discover how to use the products, the ingredients they contain, and everything else you need to know about the packaging-free goodies in store.

Plus, we get it, Tokyo is a big city with lots to see and you might not make it to Lush Shinjuku during opening hours. Luckily for you, the app also takes  window shopping to a whole new level and makes all display products shoppable 24 hours a day. If you do make it in time, have the app at the ready as you explore the ground floor; each product displayed here can be purchased via the app for those times when a queue doesn’t quite fit into your busy day.

As well as using AI to making your shopping simpler, #LushShinjuku is a digital playground using innovative technology to take you on a journey through the sensory and surreal. Intuitive digital devices within the shop walls create an immersive shopping experience, from interactive walls that sense your movements to depict a mood, to app-controlled lighting, and giant shower jellies that play sounds when wobbled. It’s Lush in Tech-nicolour!

Tech R&D Manager, Adam Goswell explains: “Shinjuku represents the ultimate version of what we want from a shop. Importantly, it was the first time our tech warriors and brand and shop design teams collaborated to create a retail space in a digital age.”

Only at Lush Shinjuku…

We’ve delved into the who, what, where, and kawaii but that’s not all that’s exciting about Lush Shinjuku. Our skincare, haircare and body ranges are all welcoming never-seen-before inventions to the family with a grand total of 400 new favourites to choose from.

Delivered to the shop daily, fresh from the Lush factory in Kanagawa Prefecture, an abundance of new product and innovation bursting with nourishing ingredients will be available, featuring fresh facial cleansers, fresh face masks, fresh bombshell bath bombs and much, much more.

Whether it’s your new local store or a pit stop on a once in a lifetime trip, one thing is for sure, Lush Shinjuku will be everything you expect from Lush and more!


We wanted Lush to be that beacon of light, creating a landmark that people could recognise and meet at.

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