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Introducing Lush’s new toothpaste tablets

So you’re in the market for a dental routine that you can really gel with. One that will give you a reason to smile. Enter Lush’s new toothpaste tablets: Solid and fluoride-free toothpaste that’s travel-friendly and swish with delectable flavours.

Navigating your local drug store’s oral hygiene aisle can be tricky, specifically when your criteria goes beyond the best option for whitening your smile. Instead, you may be looking for environmentally friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free dental care to refresh your routine and your breath. So, here’s a list of reasons you may have found the right mouth care once and f-oral, and a little bit about each one:


Whether it’s brushing up on your oral hygiene after lunch at work or circumnavigating the globe in a kayak, the products in this new mouth range are handy, easy solutions. Before you go, simply slip them in your bag. If that bag is your hand luggage, great news! You can go global without worrying about sky-high liquid restrictions.

Environmentally conscious

Conventional toothpaste is predominantly packaged in plastic-coated, aluminium-lined tubes that are rarely recyclable. In fact, the plastic components may take up to 450 years to break down. Want a toothpaste that keeps your pearly whites healthy without contributing to landfill? Toothpaste tablets are packaged in recycled and recyclable bottles; you can pop the bottle straight into your home recycling after use and bring the top back to Lush.

Unique flavours and ingredients

A minty flavour is the traditional way to go for mouthcare, so the spearmint and neroli in Dirty toothy tabs will tick all those boxes. Meanwhile, the charcoal and fine sea salt in Boom help to remove plaque from the surface of the teeth - great alternatives to microplastics. Aniseed and black pepper provide a warming spicy cola flavour. Who knew brushing your teeth could be so exciting? 

The ‘F’ word

You may be used to finding fluoride in your regular toothpaste (and water systems for that matter) but you won't find it in Lush toothpaste tablets, jellies or mouthwash tablets. This is simply to give customers more choice when it comes to finding their perfect dental products. A combination of cleansing ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, kaolin, sea salt, menthol crystals, peppermint and lemon oils mean these inventive alternatives are effective and fluoride-free, when combined with a healthy diet and good oral hygiene (that includes flossing, folks). Find out more here.

Now you’ve got your toothpaste sorted, you may be wondering what to do about mouthwash. Never fear, Lush has a selection of those too, so open wide and discover the whole range here

Whether it’s brushing up on your oral hygiene after lunch at work or circumnavigating the globe in a kayak, the products in this new mouth range are handy, easy solutions.

Comments (29)


about 2 weeks ago

So glad you have fluoride free. My thyroid suffers with fluoride and I have to cut it out as much as possible, although cannot completely. So great the tooth tabs fluoride free. Whatever the nay sayer say ..... for some people fluoride is very bad news. It is for me and has been proven. So thanks for the fluoride free


about 3 weeks ago

Fluoride or go home.


about 2 months ago

Any chance of a few more option in the Toothy Tabs range again? Boom! hurts my mouth and spearmint makes me gag (long story). I'm on my last bottle of Mile of Smiles and don't want to buy elsewhere but will have to if these are the only options you offer.

dr acu

about 9 months ago

The F word. Really?! Why are you feeding into fears surrounding fluoride? This is terrible messaging and I hope you consider revising it. The vast majority of dentists, doctors and scientists agree that fluoride (in the quantities found in water and dental products) is SAFE and reduces risk of tooth decay. This is spelt out clearly by the NHS, WHO, CDC and every other valid source of health information. I worry that well-intentioned people may convert from using fluoride-containing products to LUSH products (perhaps without reading the ingredients list) to the detriment of their dental health. We are so lucky in the developed world to have widespread access to fluoridated dental products and it is a shame that LUSH have decided to go against the evidence base. If you are determined to provide “choice”, why not have a fluoride and fluoride-free range? There are plenty of fluoride-free dental products already on the market, many of which are in tablet form and from ethical brands. I’d love to convert to LUSH dental care products but would definitely wait until the products contain fluoride and are packaged more sustainably e.g. compostable cornstarch-coated paper.


about 10 months ago

"Enter Lush’s new toothpaste tablets: Solid and fluoride toothpaste that’s travel-friendly and swish with delectable flavours." Should this say fluoride-free?


about 1 year ago

Please please please put toothy tabs back into cardboard or even in the closed loop black pot recycling plastic. I love Lush, have worked for the company and continue to love and buy the products, but I feel like somtimes the ethics are put second to the innovation of new products


about 1 year ago

I love these products but so much better if they were in glass bottles! After all, a very small proportion of recyclable products actually get recycled, often just because of the sheer amount of them


about 1 year ago

I'm worried that the "ugai" link on this page doesn't work and (today) I can't find a separate "ugai" product page. This mouthwash is quite quietly brilliant. I use it at least twice a day. Please don't discontinue.

Lush Customer Care

about 1 year ago


Hi there! We have said a fond farewell to Ugai, but I will definitely pass on your feedback and that you want it to return to our team. If you would like any recommendations for alternative mouthwash tabs please feel free to pop us a message on our live chat or an email to [email protected].


about 2 years ago

I remember when this product first came out , they are with cardboard box , why is it changed to plastic bottle? They could ended up in oceans when being disposed in paces where waste management system is not well developed. I love this product, please consider providing refill option or simply put them back in cardboard box.
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