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Irish Passport Flowchart: how to apply

Freedom of movement is integral to Lush as a business, allowing us to put the right people in the right positions regardless of nationality and forge equal relationships with suppliers in remote areas of the world.​

How will Brexit affect individuals and families living in the UK?

Currently, much of what we know about the UK's withdrawal from the EU is uncertain, such as the agreements we will strike with other countries and what Brexit means for British nationals living abroad and EEA nationals living in the UK. Britain will be the first member of the United Nations to leave the European Union, meaning there is no precedent to fall back on and use as a template.

Consequently, Lush will continue to take steps to support staff members affected by the UK's withdrawal from the EU, as we navigate this complex political situation together.


Applying for an Irish Passport

This simple guide will enable you to check whether you are eligible to apply for an Irish passport, which will give you the same freedom of movement within the EU that Irish citizens enjoy. 

Applying for an Irish passport

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, you can take the next step by following the links below:

Apply for an Irish passport here

Enter your details on the Foreign Birth Register here

Find more information on the Irish Embassy in Great Britain here


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