It’s easy being green: The eco-friendly holiday edit

Holiday season has hit. And whether you’re jetsetting to exotic climes, backpacking up a mountain or travelling cross country, you’ll probably want a few things to help you on your way.

It’s the season of the mini shower gel, those tiny plastic bottles in which to decant shampoo, new swimming cossies, and flip flops - you know, summer stuff. But have you ever thought about what impact these impulse buys can have? What they’re made of? And, to be honest, whether you really need them? 2018 is the year of the war on waste, so here’s an edit to help make your holiday a little friendlier to the environment.


If you’re looking for a statement new cossie that has a positive impact on the environment, then head to Batoko. Their vibrant swimwear is made from 100% post-consumer and ocean plastic, and comes in a range of prints for kids and adults alike. Our fave is the lobster, because, well, lobsters. There’s also a definite Lisa Simpson vibe to the entire range - and that can only be a good thing. Looking for shorts? Riz Boardshorts make small batches of eco-friendly shorts using 100% recycled fabric, and they look 100% awesome too!

Flip flops

Over 3 billion people per year purchase new flip flops. But these convenient, foot-freeing shoes can cause havoc to oceans. For footwear that’s got a better eco-footprint, look to Po-Zu’s vegan range. You’ll find footwear to suit every occasion, whether that’s a walking holiday, poolside retreat, sports break or a combination of all of the above. The brand shows that caring about where your clothes come from doesn’t mean substituting style. Oh, and did we mention limited edition Star Wars Porg trainers?

Travel cosmetics

Whether you’re going carry-on only, or you just want some darn good cosmetics to make your holiday extra special, there’s some wonderful, liquid-free options to choose from. As Lush’s recent Naked Shop in Milan proved, you don’t need plastic packaging to stay fresh. There’s shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste, and well, everything you could ever need on holiday, or not. And, added bonus, it won’t leak on your favourite lobster cossie or over your Star Wars sneakers. Need a way to carry them around? There’s purpose made tins and Knot Wraps to make transporting simple.

Towel/blanket/yoga mat

Towels are bulky right? You don’t want to be carrying more than one - which is exactly what inspired Nomadix to create their multi-purpose towel. Nomadix makes vibrant, go-anywhere towels designed for travel, yoga, the beach, camping and whatever else you might need a towel/blanket/picnic matt for. Each one is made from recycled material, and is designed to live a long and happy life keeping you warm, dry and comfy.


Ok, so you’ve thought about what you’re going to pack, but what about what you’re going to pack it into? Eco friendly luggage isn’t talked about much, and the market is pretty saturated with plastic. There is some interesting research and development going on, but for now Patagonia’s offerings are some of the most reliable, and eco-friendly options out there. While these aren’t a price you’d expect to see at the supermarket, and, if we’re honest, might sound hella pricey, Patagonia offer a solid guarantee, repairs, and even a chance to sell on your unwanted Patagonia products online when you’re through with them.  Oh, and they’re built to last, unlike those flimsy options you’ll find piled up at discount retailers. This 30 litre arbor duffel is made from recycled polyester and is great for a few nights away, while this larger, bluesign approved, wheeled case is guaranteed to endure even the toughest conditions.

Not ready to fork out? Head to your local charity shop or reselling site to give someone else’s unwanted suitcase another chance at vacationing.

What else?

That’s all we can think of, but probably the most important thing is: If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Got a pair of sunglasses that would love another outing? A backpack that would go great with your stripy maxi dress? Dig them out and rework them. Need a little inspiration, find some tips and tricks here.

Poole Park
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