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The John Robb Tapes - The Blinders

Following the release of their debut album, Columbia, John Robb interviews a band whose vision of a better future - as told through their dynamic and intelligent music - gives him hope

Everywhere you look and listen there is vital noise.

Not for a long time has the mainstream been so inundated with urgent bands who reflect the zeitgeist with their own electric intensity: Sleaford Mods, Savages, IDLES, Shame, Slaves … they all come in many shapes and sizes and have made the charts a fascinating battleground again for urgent polemic and thrilling music. It hasn’t stopped there though - this year has seen the swift rise of Fontaines D.C. and also today’s band, The Blinders.

The Manchester-based but Doncaster-bred three piece were Manchester’s best kept secret for months. Every local gig saw them double their audience exponentially as the digital word spread around town. The local music media was thrilled and the buzz got louder. Their incendiary live shows combine a fierce and intense performance with a carefully crafted and brilliant music that was full of dynamics and intelligence.

The Blinders knew how to hold back before exploding and their songs were also full of narrative - words that caught the alienation of the sold out generation who watched their parents vote them off the gravy train so the oldies could ‘take back control’.

There is a generation gap in the UK in 2019 and bands like The Blinders soundtrack it. We can only be thankful that they do this with such great dark and dynamic music. Their debut album, Columbia, caught the moment and hit the top 20 and their live gigs just get bigger and bigger.

The Blinders are coming; and they tell their truth aided by their virtuoso fiery music. What was once no future is now our future and, like many of their contemporaries, they are removed from the punk nihilism of their parents’ generation and seeking solutions through noise and answers through songs.

This in depth interview captures the band in the full glare of outrageous ambition and youthful self belief - always the best place any band can be. Their intelligence and passion shines through and the future suddenly sounds a lot better …

You can listen to John Robb interviewing The Blinders here.

John Robb films In Conversations for Lush, fronts his acclaimed post punk band The Membranes and is also a music writer who wrote many groundbreaking features in the late Sounds music paper.

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