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Join the haircare revolution.

For far too long, fancy packaging has taken centre stage. Make your hair the mane attraction with Lush solid shampoo bars.

Many years ago, Lush co-founder Mo Constantine and renowned cosmetic chemist, Stan Krysztal, were busy creating a new kind of soap base for the mail-order company before Lush, Cosmetics to Go. When their experiments produced a product with a particularly lathery consistency, they were ready to put it to one side and start again. Little did Mo and Stan realise, they had created the world’s first solid shampoo and that this tiny bar would go on to make big waves in the haircare industry…

The excited team gradually realised the potential of their creation. A solid bar reduced plastic bottle usage, was much easier for customers to transport and had enormous economical benefits. Beautiful essential oils now no longer needed to be diluted in water; they could be crafted into a fresh, self-preserving bar, which was equivalent to two or three 250ml bottles.  The environmentally-conscious inventors took it one step further when these shampoo bars were later introduced as part of Lush, and launched them stark naked!

For many years now, the delicate herbal blends in Trichomania, Squeaky Green, Soak And Float, Godiva, New, Jumping Juniper, Seanik and Ultimate Shine have been caring for sensitive scalps all over the globe. There were rumours of wonderful new creations being whipped up in the seaside labs of Poole, but for many years these were only whispers on the beautifully perfumed breeze…

Meet the new additions

Finally, after many months spent shrouded in a mist of fragrance and secrecy, six shiny new members of the shampoo bar family emerged. Fresh from the herbal labs of Lush HQ, let’s meet the new additions.

Making a softening, shine-enhancing honey concoction for the hair was a no-brainer after the popularity of our creamy, antiseptic hand and body soap, Honey I Washed The Kids. Honey I Washed My Hair is incredibly gentle on the scalp, using uplifting and antiseptic bergamot oil to cleanse the skin and leave your locks smelling like caramel.  Ideal for scalps which enjoy the odd tantrum.

Next, make way for Brazilliant, a citrus carnival that takes no prisoners.  Whole organic oils are juiced freshly in the Lush factory to give amazing shine to the hair, while sweet ylang ylang oil stimulates the hair follicles for zesty volume. Andiroba oil promotes blood circulation and has a wonderfully moisturising effect, making this bar perfect for curly or Afro-Caribbean hair.

Journey to a haircare happy ever after with Jason And The Argan Oil. This little slice of luxury uses soothing rose absolute and agar gel to calm your scalp while hardworking glycerine and argan oil tame fly-away hairs, leaving them irrisistably soft. We’ve been a fan of argan oil since using it in our luxurious Ro’s Argan body conditioner and use the same floral scent here to perfume your hair. The perfect everyday pamper for stronger, shinier locks.

For hair so smooth it should be criminal, let us introduce you to Montalbano. We dare you not to detect the difference this citrusy recipe will give to hair in need of shine and strength. A Mediterranean blend of green olives improves the tensile strength of your locks, while rosemary absolute cleanses and refreshes your roots. A ready-made Italian Job for hair in need of a new lease of life.

New creation, Copperhead, paves the way for ultimate screen siren hair, using Persian red henna to give endless gloss and colour to brunettes and redheads. Agar gel protects your shine while the irresistible fragrance of roasted cocoa, coffee and vanilla absolute hints at late nights of being wined and dined.

Last but not least, we’ve captured the stuff of dreams in the chamomile and almond blend of Lullaby. This milky shampoo is designed to be delicate enough for our younger customers, combining sleepy lavender with cheerful neroli oil. A reassuring and soothing nursery rhyme for sensitive scalps.

Inspired? Our latest creations are ready to rescue hardworking hair!


Journey to a haircare happy ever after with our latest shampoo bars..

Comments (5)

about 1 month ago

Where is the advice for hair that is colored with Henna?

Lush Customer Care

about 1 month ago


Hi there, great articles here https://uk.lush.com/search/site/henna and you can chat to one of the team on our live chat.

about 1 year ago

Where has Copperhead gone ???


about 2 years ago

I bought a shampoo bar to do my bit for the environment expecting to use it a few times then give up. I am surprised at how little I need to use as it lathers so well either in my hands or when stroked onto my hair and my hair feels so soft afterwards. I know what all the girls in the family are getting in their stocking this Christmas!!


about 5 years ago

I absolutely ADORE this product - I've been using it for a week now and my hair has never been so strong or felt so soft! So much fun to use as it is so different to a regular bottled shampoo, and it's all thanks to LUSH that I'm starting to live a more 'natural' lifestyle!
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