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Karma: a truly transformative experience

When did you last take the time out of your busy routine to recuperate and indulge? The Karma spa treatment uses a blend of four-handed massage, meditation and music to transport you to another dimension, and then bring you back to reality feeling balanced, calm and empowered. 

With this in mind, we couldn't wait to get self-care guru and yoga, meditation and lifestyle expert Julie Montagu into Lush Spa Oxford Street to give this unique treatment a try. Here she tells us exactly what she thought:

As a self-confessed ‘yogi’, a spa treatment with the word ‘Karma’ might appeal to me a bit more than others, but trust me when I write this: the Karma treatment should be experienced by every yogi and non-yogi out there, whether you believe in the concept or not. It’s difficult to find the words to convey my experience so I’ll do the best I can, but to get the FULL lowdown on this unique treatment, you’ve just got to book one in.

First off, can I just divert for a moment to discuss the soundtrack? Yes, we all know that whenever we go into any type of spa treatment there is usually the same old wind pipes, and euphoric melody playing on repeat.  It’s soothing enough and, well, I suppose a spa soundtrack isn’t something I would normally focus on. That, however, all changed.

The soundtrack during the Karma treatment is like a journey through India, from the heat of a busy Indian city, to the peace in the desert to the magic in the jungle and space to think in the mountains.  Yes, the soundtrack is busy but insanely good. And that’s what this treatment is all about, creating balance and harmony in any environment – crazy or not.

Synchronised with the soundtrack were TWO therapists.  Yes, you read that correctly, two therapists working together in synchronisation to unblock and restore the energy flow within my body. As a ‘yogi’ I love anything to do with rebalancing, and this treatment focuses on the seven Chakra points in the body which can become blocked and need to be restored from time to time so that ‘prana’ – our life force, our breath – can flow freely.

When we are rushing around day in and day out, night after night after night we can easily deplete our energy and burn out. But Lush’s Karma treatment enables you to go back into your daily routine with a sense of calm and ease. If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that feeling of not being able to stop. I have deadlines, I have four children, I have a husband and I have a lot of things on my plate, so when I get ill, it’s not fun because not only do I feel AWFUL but I then can’t do what I need and want to do. 

What this treatment did, which I have never experienced before (and I’ve had a lot of treatments in my life) was to rejuvenate me.  The music, the oils, the smells, the ‘dance’ of the therapists’ hands meant all five of my senses were engaged.

A bonus to this utterly and wildly fantastic treatment was that it started with a meditation and an intention – pure bliss. I think we’ve all read about the staggering benefits of meditation and setting an intention for our day, but do we all do it? 

Before the treatment started, I was asked to meditate and set an intention for myself.  I was led through a white light visualisation starting at the feet and flowing up to the stomach and moving through the body.  Once I started to see and sense the pure, white light within my body, I was asked to set an intention, which of course, I’m happy to share with you.  Going into the treatment, I was stressed, unbalanced, and feeling burned out, so, my intention was to ‘Stay present in the treatment and continue to move mindfully through the rest of my day.’ I didn’t want the effects of the ‘treatment’ or my ‘intention’ to stop once I left Lush. I needed it to carry me through the rest of my day.  And trust me, that’s exactly what this meditative one-of-a-kind Karma treatment did.  I floated out feeling better than I’ve felt in a long time – physically, mentally and emotionally.

It truly was a transformative experience.


Words by Julie Montagu

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