Lather up for summer

When the humidity’s rising, why not take a generous piece of these fruity soaps into the shower? Five a day never sounded so good.

When you fancy getting a dose of six fresh juices and citrusy oils with your morning shower, opt for Layer Cake. This rainbow-coloured soap has enough zing to make your heart sing and the kind of rich, zesty ingredients which leave your skin feeling bright and healthy. Each colour is made with a different juice full of unique skin benefits – sniff away to see if you can work out which is which! Those with a distinguished sense of smell may recognise the tart scent of blueberries, beloved for their mineral-rich pulp. These little berries are packed with vitamins A, C and E which help to keep your skin hydrated and glowing – perfect for hot weather. Around this time of year (June to September) the blueberries used in our products are sourced from a Dorset farm near the Lush factory, meaning they are especially fresh and juicy.  A blend of pineapple and grape juices revive and cool the skin further, leaving you feeling fresh and perky for the day ahead.

Step right up, step right up (into your shower), Apandapand soap is here! The sunny citrussy scent of this fruity soap will gently perk you up in the morning, and treat your skin to a refreshing dose of Sicilian lemon and grapefruit oils.  Grapefruit juice refreshes and invigorates all over, toning and brightening the skin after a sleepy start. Been working up a sweat? Antiseptic lemon feels deliciously fresh on the body when it comes in the form of soft, soapy suds. 

If washing with sweet, succulent berries sounds like the perfect summer shower, Respect Your Elders soap is ripe for the picking. Sweet, fruity bergamot and buchu deliver a deep, comforting blackcurranty fragrance, with antiseptic cypress to cleanse your body from top to toe. Sharp, anti-inflammatory elderberries create a soothing lather, full of antioxidants to keep the skin supple and glowing. This fruity cordial of a soap is also made with elderflower infusion, which is traditionally used to treat sunburn and soreness due to its calming, medicinal qualities when applied topically. Wash all over with this soft, magical soap, and allow the delicious perfume to linger on your skin throughout the heat of midday. You’re sure to be back for more. 

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