Lifting the lid on Magical Moringa primer

Travel to the ends of the earth in search of the world’s most renowned beauty oils to discover a most exotically-charged primer.

A little melting pot of loveliness, rich and waxy to touch, but leaving no residue when you apply it to your face. Warm a little Magical Moringa between your fingers or work straight into the skin - the wax will transform into a silky oil which is quickly absorbed to leave your skin looking matte, feeling velvety and perfectly primed for make up.

Despite how light and smooth Magical Moringa feels, this globetrotting concoction is packed full of balancing oils and soothing butters to feed the skin. Each pot is composed of argan, moringa, rose hip, ylang ylang, vetivert and sandalwood oils, as well as creamy Fair Trade and organic cocoa butter, smoothing organic shea butter and silky corn flour. Lush co-founder and inventor, Rowena Bird, explains that the combination of these moisturising butters, oils and corn flour gives Magical Moringa a beautiful slip which "holds the primer in place on your face, meaning that these beautiful ingredients are really put to use when you apply them to your skin. Often when you wear make up it will slip during the day but this makes a complete difference to the amount of foundation you remove in the evening."

As well as a delivering a whole lot of staying power to make up, the rich beauty oils inside Magical Moringa are revered by different cultures for their versatile benefits to the body. Take rose hip oil, for example, a rich, rejuvenating oil obtained from the seed of the rose by cold pressing, and widely regarded as the beauty oil of South America. "If you travel around South America", Rowena says, "you would see rose hip oil in all the products – it’s like the cure all for everything." This floral oil is quickly absorbed into the skin, but loved for its thirst-quenching properties on the face and body, as well as being used in cooking and infused to make a cleansing drink.

There’s a special reason this product is named after Africa’s ‘miracle plant’ too. Most produce from the moringa tree is not only edible but so incredibly nutritious that it is regarded as a super food and used to treat malnutrition. For decades, communities farming this plant have applied the oil to their skin and benefited from the soothing, softening action of moringa topically. Sourcing this popular oil from the Ghana Permaculture Institute produces a high quality, sustainably grown ingredient whilst ensuring the farmers here have enough surplus to make and sell moringa cosmetics locally. In this way, they can build alternative means of income and improve their financial security. 

Until recently, argan oil was Morocco’s best-kept secret and has been used by the local women to beautify their skin and hair for years. Despite its recent popularity in hair products, treating the skin to a dose of this restorative oil, which is packed full of vitamins, makes perfect sense. The Moroccan argan trade is closely monitored in the region of Agadir, and a union of 22 village cooperatives produce the oil whilst working towards ECOCERT organic and Fair Trade status. One village group will handle each order in full as this ensures each batch can be traced back to source and that freshness standards are maintained.

In addition, Magical Moringa contains two gorgeously softening ingredients to hydrate and treat the skin. Creamy, organic shea butter from a women’s co-operative in Ghana compliments the skin’s natural sebum and help draw nutrients deeper. This ivory-coloured fat is rich in Vitamins A, E and F to protect and revitalise the complexion, as well as binding ingredients together, especially when combined with deeply hydrating cocoa butter. Because the cosmetic cocoa butter market is so saturated that ensuring the process is free from animal testing and child labour is challenging, the Fair Trade organic cocoa butter used in Magical Moringa comes from an umbrella organisation of small producers in the Dominican Republic. The Organic Growers Dominican Foundation (FUNDOPO) secures Fair Trade prices for farmers who produce high-quality cocoa butter sustainably and ethically, as well as ensure that these remain consistent.

‘Miracle’ creams might only exist in high definition adverts, but there’s certainly a bit of magic going on in this little pot. Uniting such renowned beauty oils from different cultures packs a lot of global expertise into one product by treating your skin to the tried and tested cosmetic secrets of communities across the globe. Products like Magical Moringa also prove that how cosmetic ingredients are sourced makes a huge difference to all involved. At one end, farmers earning a consistently fair wage are able to improve the quality of their yields and provide for their families, and on the other, high-quality ingredients grown in sustainable conditions ensure that the products you use are always the best available. It’s a balancing act revolving constantly around the age-old motto: what’s inside counts. 


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about 4 years ago

Can I use it as a nightcream as well?


about 4 years ago

Magical Moringa is my favorite now. I love the texture and the smell. Hope you will produce ist, when my pot is empty :)