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For the love of lippy: How to apply lipstick like a pro

Creating your signature lip-look can be as quick as a swipe and a blot, or a time for you to be a little more experimental, but either way, you’ll want a lipstick with benefits beyond the selfie. Lush’s cruelty-free lipstick range boasts mouth-wateringly moisturising ingredients like Kalahari melon and broccoli seed oil, which keep your pout in top condition, while waxes like candelilla, rose and sunflower provide long-lasting wear.

So, whether you’re going for a pretty pastel peach or a grungy purple, get p-outrageously good lips with these hints and tips of the trade:

Prep the lips

Smooth, hydrated lips make for the best application, so prepping your lips is always a great starting point before applying any lipstick colour. Exfoliating with a lip scrub like Mint Julips leaves your lips soft and supple thanks to caster sugar and jojoba oil. Next, swipe on a balm like Rose Lollipop and let rose soothe, while shea protects. Once you’ve let the oils and butters sink in, you’ll be ready to get creative with some colour...

Lining the lips

Sometimes your lipstick likes to step out of line, literally. Bolder colours can be known to bleed and feather when applied alone, but lining your lips can prevent this. Just get your pencil sharpened and away you go!

First, part your lips slightly to help you follow your natural lip line. Start from the center top and centre bottom and work your way outwards. Or, for a fuller effect, start from the corners of your mouth and work you way into the center. If you’re after an overdrawn look, then trace just over the lip line. Using your liner to colour in your entire lip is a good way to create a long lasting bold colour statement.

Two-toned lip

Colour blocking doesn’t have to stop at your wardrobe! Whether you’re a makeup maximalist or just want to step out of your comfort zone, this ombre technique is an easy way give your lip-look dimension and more pout!

To get started, cover your lips with foundation or concealer, this will give you a blank canvas to apply colour to. Now, apply the first colour to your top lip and blend. Then, add a lighter shade to your bottom lip. The contrast will be minimal and will create a subtle duochrome effect when the light hits your pout. For a bold statement, apply a bright shade all over the lips and blot with tissue to give a satin finish. Next, apply a colour that clashes to the inner lip and dab with your index finger.  

Smudged lip

Grunge beauty icon lovers unite! If the rock and roll sensual smudged lipstick-look had your hearts in the 90s, this technique will strike the right chord. It’s all about obscuring the lines, so don’t be afraid to get messy.

Apply your chosen colour directly to the lips. Go heavy on the application at the cupids bow. Smudge the colour on and over your lips’ natural lip line by dabbing gently with the tip of your little finger, or a short-bristled brush. Focus your attention on the corners of the lips, so that lips appear fuller. For a well-worn, understated finish, lightly buff along the lip line.

Gradient Lip

Contouring is not just for cheekbones! Want to create a full lip effect with an edge? The gradient lip uses the art of shade and light to give you a stand out look, and can be achieved in just a few simple steps.

Use a nude hue all over the lips and blot to remove any excess oils so you have a smooth but mattified base to work with. Next, add another warmer or contrasting colour to the outer corners of the lips and use your fingers or a short-bristled brush to blend lightly toward the centre of your mouth, creating a feathered look. Apply a dab of the contrasting shade onto the center of the lips, and blot once more to help the colours blend naturally.

Mix your own

Want to add some shimmer to your grungy greige? Feel like toning down your pastel pink? If you’re looking to add another layer of creativity, mixing your own colour is the way to go. Pick two shades that compliment each other, and, using a lip brush, mix them on the back of your hand and apply.

Smile like you mean it

Pout proud! Your lip look can be as audacious or understated as you like. These are just a few ideas to inspire, got anymore? Let us know. Find out all about the Lush makeup range here.


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