Is Lush an Ethical Company?

Here at Lush we have never liked to call ourselves an Ethical Company. We find the term rather a difficult concept, because it seems to us that it is used to describe companies who try not to damage people or planet with their trade practices – when surely this should not be regarded as ‘ethical’ but as normal business-as-usual.

All business should be ethical and all trade should be fair.  Individual companies should not stand out simply by not being damaging or unfair.  No company should be trading from an unethical position and society has a right to expect as the norm fairness and resource stewardship from the companies that supply them.

We always wish to conduct our business so that all people who have contact with us, from our ingredients suppliers through to our staff and customers, benefit from their contact with Lush and have their lives enriched by it.  No company is perfect and we strive daily to get closer to the ideal vision that all Lush people share.  We will always want and demand more from Lush, so that our business practices match our own expectations, our staff and customer expectations and the needs of the planet.

See our positions and policies via the links below.

Fighting Animal Testing


Ethical Buying

External auditing

Compliance with the Law


Charity Pot

Lush People



Customer Care

These policies are in place in Lush UK and are evolving continuously as we respond to world events, new legislation and our own aspirations to constantly improve. Where Lush has partners in other parts of the world, we encourage them to adopt similar policies. 

The registered address at 29 High Street Poole is the same as the Lush Poole store trading address.

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about 3 years ago

Well given the policies that they support it is blindingly obvious that Lush is anything but an ethical company. Lush supports wind farms but opposes fracking and the extraction of oil from tar sands. Wind farms produce very little power and, perhaps more importantly, they cannot be 'switched on' when the power is needed. So when it was cold, dark & still a few weeks ago, lots of electricity was needed but wind farms were producing essentially none. More damningly, the only reason that any wind farms exist is because of subsidies that drive up fuel costs and increase fuel poverty. Look up how many, mostly elderly, people die of cold each year. Fracking on the other hand produces gas and oil that can be used to produce power and to heat homes as and when it is needed, and dose so without subsidies. Similarly working on tar sands produces oil that is genuinely useful for heating (e.g. Lush shops, factories & offices), electricity generation (as before), plastics (e.g. Lush bottles), transportation (e.g. lorries carrying Lush products), etc, etc. And of course there is the environmental impact. Wind farms are terrible for the environment. Each turbine has hundreds of tons of steel & thousands of tons on concrete - at least 5% of all of the CO2 emitted worldwide is from making concrete. Plus thousands of miles of high quality (= wide & deep) roads have had to be carved into the countryside so that the wind turbines can be installed and then subsequently maintained, and there is loads of concrete in those roads as well. The generators & motors in wind turbines use rare earth metals to improve their efficiency. All of the rare earths come from China where there are, essentially, no environmental restrictions. The tailings and run-off from extracting and refining these covers hundreds of square miles (I believe they can be seen from space) and the land is so polluted that noone can estimate how long it is before it recovers. On the other hand fracking has no known specific environmental problems with it. There have been some issues in the US where companies have dumped chemical, polluted waste water, etc. However that is not unique to fracking and the companies were breaking the law, were caught and prosecuted - that is why we know about it. Once drilled and operating, fracking sites are tiny (c. the size of a tennis court) and produce more energy than an area at least a hundred times that used for wind farms. Lush say that "great swathes of ancient forest" will be destroyed to access the tar sands. What they don't say is that Canada is a really vast country and that we are talking about a fraction of 1% of the county's area. Also it will not all be impacted at once and once the oil has been extracted the land will be remediated and plants will start to grow again almost immediately.


about 1 year ago

that is so not true


about 3 years ago

To all of you that are criticising LUSH for not calling themselves an ethical company I'd like you to think about how many other companies call themselves ethical yet behind the façade they're ethics are nothing more than to entice customers with words that don't reflect what they say they're about. LUSH is different and yes they have an advertising campaign 'The Only Way Is Ethics' and they have an Ethics Director but its a pun and all companies have ethics directors. What else are they supposed to call the director? It seems that you guys are not running LUSH and the people that are do a fantastic job.


about 3 years ago

You're not an ethical company ? Really? so is that why you had a campaign where your 'A boards' outside shops read 'The Only Way Is Ethics?' Because you're not banging the ethics drum and jumping on the ethical bandwagon. Oh right, my mistake.


about 3 years ago

Just because a company does not consider themselves ENTIRELY ethical (which is what they are saying), does not mean they do not have great ethics or thrive to be completely ethic. LUSH simply is honest and transparent, and they try to be as ethical as possible, but literally nothing is 100% ethical. The campaign was to get people to choose ethics over dishonest and corrupt ways. I don't know about you, but I don't see many other companies thriving to fight against unethical ways. "No company is perfect and we strive daily to get closer to the ideal vision that all Lush people share." If you want to complain about ethical bandwagons, why don't you trash every form of communicational technology you own, including what you used to make this negative and spiteful comment?


about 3 years ago

its a funny pun hun, chill ya buns


about 3 years ago

Ah so that's why you have an Ethics Director then.


about 3 years ago

they say they don't want to be set apart as 'ethical' because it should be considered normal behaviour to be ethical. they dont say they arent ethical. they're just making a point about other big businesses.


about 3 years ago

Your web pages and catalogue's fail so show all the weights and proper sizes on some of the products. This is not transparent to the consumer. Some of the pictures are misleading as well, for instance you show small bath bombs with the same size picture as a large bath bomb misleading people into thinking they are getting more for their money. THIS PRACTICE IS ILLEGAL IN THE UK and must stop. I will allow until the end of January for you to correct the errors before I report you to trading standards and the weights and and measures people for these illegal practices.


about 3 years ago

Wow... You will allow... Like who are you? If you don't like the way LUSH operates then why do you have an account with them and why do you shop there? I'm confused...