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Lush Italy: Say Yes campaign

People who love each other have the right to get married...

At LUSH, we believe that all of us, men and women, should have the same opportunities and the same rights, both inside and outside our company, beginning with the right to get married - which is currently denied to same-sex couples. We feel so strongly about this that we have made it one of our corporate beliefs and in May 2012 we marked the International Day Against Homophobia by launching the "Dimmi di sì - Say yes" campaign to extend the right to get married to all couples.

People who love each other have the right to get married: we say this clearly and loudly, making a public stand with the FRAME Association (Famiglie Ricerca Antidiscriminazione Minori ed Educazione - Families Research Anti-Discrimination Minors and Education), our partner in this campaign.

Unfortunately, this right continues to be denied in Italy and the debate is slow and fraught with obstacles. There isn't even a recognised nationwide right for de facto unions between straight couples, with only a few cities having a register of such unions. 

At the heart of this campaign was a demonstration for the right of all couples to form a union. We organised a big celebration of love for the International Day Against Homophobia.

On that day, surrounded by the myriad of scents and colours of Lush Italy stores, dozens of gay and lesbian couples were symbolically married, exchanging their promise of love in the presence of a master of ceremonies. This emotional and joyous occasion was attended by thousands of people, both straight and gay, who believe that everyone has a right to love, no ifs or buts. It was a real celebration for everyone.

Since this first campaign, Lush has been at the forefront of all demonstrations held to gain recognition for everyone’s right to love.

"Bye Bye Bullies" project

With the Charity Pots sold during this campaign, we also focused on the root of a serious cultural problem, supporting an educational project run by the FRAME Association against homophobic bullying in schools, aimed at young people between the ages of 13 and 19 and their teachers. The Bye Bye Bullies project was designed to fulfil a need to inform young people about homosexuality issues, as an alternative to the widespread disinterest and information vacuum that exist in the way new generations, and often the very people who educate them, are taught about responsible citizenship.

We believe in love without ifs or buts.

We believe that LOVE belongs to every man and woman, no ifs or buts.

We believe that the people who work with us, our customers and the people around them all have a great individual value and should all be treated with the same respect and protection, regardless of any other consideration. 

We believe that all couples in a loving relationship should have the freedom to be legally married, under the same laws and with the same responsibilities, rights and duties, however they may be formed.  

We believe that all families should be guaranteed essential legal rights and protection with regard to health, social security, taxation, pensions and immigration.

We believe in fighting on the front line to promote profound social change that will result in everyone having equal public dignity and being equal in the eyes of the law, as our Constitution states. 

We believe in respect for marriage, in the rights and duties that it involves and in the dignity it ensures for all citizens, regardless of the couple's sexual orientation.


FRAME (which stands for Famiglie Ricerca Antidiscriminazione Minori ed Educazione - Families Research Anti-Discrimination Minors and Education) is a social promotion association that aims to promote and protect the rights of children and their families, as well as to fight all forms of discrimination.

FRAME was set up in Bologna at the end of June 2010 by a group of young professionals working primarily in the fields of education, psychology, law, communication and research. Within a few months, the association launched a variety of services and activities, engaging in numerous initiatives across the country.

FRAME operates in some of the most important areas of civil society, including human rights, education, child and family protection. It addresses teachers and parents in particular, as well as children.

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