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Lush Japan: Anti-Shark-Finning campaign

Sharks are on the verge of extinction. But what is causing this drastic decline in shark numbers?

It’s because of ‘shark finning’, where shark fins are removed and the remainder of the shark, often still alive, is discarded in the ocean. Sharks are the top predator in the marine ecosystem, so a decline in shark populations will have an enormous impact on all other ocean creatures. Already more than 90% of the large sharks have disappeared from our oceans. Figures suggest that between 73 and 100 million sharks are being captured in waters around the world. Every year.

Realising that public awareness of shark finning in Japan is sadly low, we rolled out an ‘Anti-Shark-Finning’ campaign between 30th May and 8th June 2014. Within the short space of one week, we’d managed to reach 1.05 million people! We made ‘‘Anti-Shark-Finning’ stickers and we got people to think about what actually happens to sharks in the finning process. We got them to tell their friends, to use social media to show their support for the Anti-Shark-Finning campaign and we encouraged them to question how the fin in their shark’s fin soup had been sourced.

Here is just one of the many, many comments we received: “Thanks, LUSH, for your awesome campaign! I never knew that 100 million sharks are being captured every year. Or that 90% have already disappeared… I’m right behind your campaign – we need to think of how our world will be in 100 years’ time.”

Changing consumer awareness will change society. Our goal is a happier society - for people, the environment and all living creatures.

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about 3 years ago

I totally agree! Stop animals cruelty!