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Lush Kitchen - What's Next? FAQ Knows!

May 2020 marks the start of a new era for the Lush Kitchen in the form of a monthly subscription box. Full details of what to expect and how to subscribe can be found here

The concept of Lush Kitchen has been on a journey to get here, back in 2017 we closed the doors on the previous format after 3 years of weekly menus and polaroid pictures, here are the main questions we received about why we took a break. 

Why are you closing?

We’re not closing! Just switching up our game! With some big and exciting things coming up in Lush’s future, the decision was made collectively to change the Kitchen as we know it and to take it in a different and more exciting direction.

Can we still get exclusive products?

Yes! There will no longer be a weekly menu. Instead, we will be bringing out exclusives and old favourites in larger batches that will be available for longer periods of time.

This means that more people will be able to purchase the products they want, international customers won’t have to wake up at unreasonable times to grab their favourites and it also means that you can purchase your exclusives with a regular order and save on shipping - something you have been asking about for a long time.

What are we going to do without you? What will happen to the channels now?

We will still be around! We will be working on giving you sneak peeks about new products and will be sharing secrets about upcoming ranges which we know you all love. The whole of Lush is the new Kitchen!

What will happen to the faces we have come to know?

Don’t worry! Most of us who worked in the Kitchen will be following roles in the company that we are passionate about. So you’ll still see us around.

Will I still be able to get polaroids with my exclusives?

The polaroids that came with the Kitchen products were something we loved doing but unfortunately we will not be making them any longer. However, there is a last ever, limited edition polaroid that you can grab as a final farewell to the Kitchen. 

Can we still request products? How can I do this?

Yes! We will still be taking requests through our channels as usual! Any previous product requests will be up for consideration for future releases so if there is a product you’ve requested in the past, there is always a chance it could still be made!


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our wonderful Customer Care team and they will be happy to help!

Comments (237)


about 1 month ago

Amadopondo is my ALLTIME favourite from Lush. It was my go-to bath bar whenever I had an interview, date or important meeting. It always left me feeling a million dollars. :)

about 1 month ago

Years ago, circa 2007, Lush made Snap the Whip shower bar and another that smelled of digestive biscuits & was a scrub; the name escapes me atm! Please bring these back!!!

about 2 months ago

Turmeric Latte - I am so sad it's gone. Also since I am working from home I never have real turmeric lattes either... This was hands down the best body spray! Please bring it back :)


about 2 months ago

I loved Happy4Sad and I think it would go down well during the current climate! I really miss it!


about 3 months ago

Please please bring back KARMA POWDER. I’ve been using it for almost 20 years and I’m almost out of the stock I purchased from y’all several years ago. :(

about 4 months ago

Please bring back I Love Juicy (I cant use Rehab because of the nut oil it contains, and Wasabi is not remotely suitable for my crazy thick, long, wavy, oily hair). Also please bring back Superworldunknown, 29 High St perfume, Candy Fluff perfume, Sonic Death Monkey shower gel, 17 Cherry Tree Lane and Banana Moon soap.

about 4 months ago

Please bring back the Goddess hair moisturizer from last winter. I love that smell, it's intoxicating.

about 4 months ago

Can we please habe intergactic shower gel back?

about 5 months ago

I need karma kream!!!!

about 8 months ago

Please bring back Don't Rain on My Parade, Sultana and Intergalactic shower gels and the 25:43 perfume!!!!!!