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Lush Library Recommends... "Let Me Lie" by Clare Mackintosh

Let Me Lie is the latest book by crime-fiction author Clare Mackintosh. Here, Lex Brookman introduces readers to Clare’s work and to the most recent Lush Book Club pick.


At the end of every chapter, at the end of every page, you think you know what’s happening. Then in an instant, the carpet is pulled out from under your feet and you’re betrayed by a character you thought you could trust.


Whether you can feel someone watching you on your commute to work, or you feel someone judging you in the local village shop, Clare Mackintosh’s books will hit you hard. Her immense talent garnered her the award of Fastest Selling Title by a New Crime Writer for her debut, I Let You Go, in 2015. In 2017, the same novel had sold over 1 million copies.


After her graduation, Clare Mackintosh applied for the police straight away. She spent 12 years working for the force, including time in the Criminal Investigation Department, and as a Public Commander. Partner that with her history of personal trauma, and no one is more equipped to write the kind of stories that Clare does, like Clare.


Having lost one of her twin boys to meningitis when he was less than a year old, Clare was diagnosed with postnatal depression. It’s with these unfortunate circumstances, Clare has the emotion of writing from a maternal point of view down to a tee. In I Let You Go, Clare’s second book - a child is killed in a hit and run. During Clare’s first year in the police force, she worked on a case where this very thing happened.  Whilst she says she didn’t write that exact story, it may have been the inspiration. She writes seamlessly and with heartbreaking realism, from the perspective of a mother who’s lost a child.


The police say it was suicide.
Anna says it was murder.
They’re both wrong.


No one writes a twist like Clare Mackintosh and her latest novel, Let Me Lie, is no change. The novel follows protagonist Anna, who now has a young baby of her own, but is still grieving her parents’ deaths. The police ruled their deaths as suicide - Anna isn’t quite sure. As Anna asks more questions, more stories unravel from her parents’ past.

By digging up the past, is she putting her future in danger? Sometimes it's safer to let things lie . . .


Without wanting to give too much away, the twists in this book made us gasp out loud at times, and had us racing back and forth a few pages, not being able to quite believe what we’d read. Lee Child, the thriller novelist most well-known for his Jack Reacher series, says the book is a “stay-up-late sensation” and we couldn’t help but agree. Just one more chapter before bed. Just a few more pages. We couldn’t put this book down.

You can now watch the Lush Book Club on Let Me Lie, here.


"No one writes a twist like Clare Mackintosh."

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