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Lush Makeup - Our eyeliner range!

Introducing our curated collection of Lush eyeliners in 6 vegan friendly, stand out shades. 
We believe in no compromises colour and makeup with skincare benefits, so you’ll find each of these showstopping shades has a soothing base of organic jojoba oil and Fair Trade organic aloe vera gel. This skin-loving formula is gentle on the delicate eye area and allows your chosen shade to glide on smoothly and seamlessly. 
Let’s get you introduced to the range!


This stunning Emerald City shade that will leave admirers green with envy. Simply choose a brush, be it Wing It or Get In There for eyeliner looks, or even use our Hey Big Blender brush for a captivating shadow. For those who have loved our previous eyeliner range, this product has been renamed – but is the same formula as Jujube from our previous collection.


Consider Fantasy your golden ticket to a striking eye look. Here, the product has been used all over the lid for a golden metallic shadow using Hey Big Blender brush. However, this shade looks just as statement when used with Get In There brush (for the fine details) and Wing it, for a more dramatic cat-eye flick. If you loved Venus from our previous collection, you’ll love Fantasy.


Choose wisely with this sophisticated, down to earth, metallic brown shade. Used here alongside our Wing It brush, even a statement winged eye look such as this looks beautifully understated alongside Grounded. If you prefer even more of a subtle eye look, choose our Get In There brush for more finetuned definition, or our Hey Big Blender brush for an earthy, subtle wash of colour. If you loved Junonia from our previous makeup store collection of eyeliners, you’ll love Grounded.


Independent eyeliner is a classic and irreplaceable makeup bag staple. This jet black shade is beautifully bold, whether you’re doing a graphic liner look with Get In There or doing a vintage inspired flick with the help of Wing It brush. This simplistic shade even looks beautiful smoked out on the lower lash line using the Blur In Love brush. If you were a fan of our Auger eyeliner from our previous makeup store collection of eyeliners, you’ll love Independent.


Not blue, not green, just a mermaid-inspired aquamarine! Motivation is our most striking shade with the most mesmerising metallic shimmer. This vivid colour looks breathtaking whether it’s applied all over the lid or as a graphic liner. If you loved Abalone from our previous makeup store collection of eyeliners, you’ll love Motivation.


Success is the silver lining we’ve all been searching for! Pair this with Fantasy for a delightfully decadent gold and silver eye look, not just for the festive season! Whether you like to wear Success as a liner or as a metallic eyeshadow, be sure to use this spectacle of a shade alongside our range of multitasking vegan makeup brushes.  If you loved Murex from our previous makeup store collection of eyeliners, you’ll love Success.

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about 10 months ago

It would make sense if you showed the product itself. Is this a liquid eyeliner in a pot with a built in brush or what?
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