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Lush Makeup's Christmas gift guide

Last Christmas we gave you Snow Fairy Glow Stick, this year to save even more plastic waste from heading to landfill we’ve come up with something special. 

The #LushMakeup team created a stocking full of goodies so you can perfect those Christmas makeup looks. 

Of course, this time of year often comes with a shopping list of gifts to buy for your friends and family and if that list includes some makeup or packaging-free loving companions then our makeup team have compiled a helpful gifting guide!

This festive season give the gift of cruelty-free, vegan makeup, plastic-free shimmer and sparkle and save on unnecessary packaging whilst you’re at it.

@megatlush - Head Makeup Artist 

Gifting for me is all about things you wouldn’t usually buy yourself. Let's face it, people are busy and don't always have the time to try new things so they usually stick to what they know. This year I'm going to be introducing people to naked skincare & Makeup. Gritty Pollitii is an amazing solid & naked oil cleanser which removes any dirt as well as exfoliates and leaves the skin super soft - the perfect base for makeup! 

As the cooler months draw close it’s nice to have something on your skin which will keep it nourished all day long. Slapstick foundation is amazing for this as it gives enough coverage for all-day wear but hydrates at the same time thanks to the lovely argan & coconut oil. 

I'm going to be gifting lots of glow sticks this year too as they're so versatile. For me, Golden Pear & World’s Smallest Disco are a must as they are both perfect for taking your look from desk to disco. Also, Marrakesh refillable lipstick will be a perfect stocking filler as nothing says Christmas party like a duo-chrome, berry pink lip applied with our beautiful Pucker lip brush. Wrap it all up in a knot wrap and you have a wonderfully sustainable but fabulous gift! 

@lush_fernanda - Makeup Content Creator & Producer 

As a native Brazilian, Festive Season to me means summertime. So when I think of my top picks for gift-giving, I’d go for my favourite #lushmakeup items that remind me of a lovely summer’s day - even when the weather isn’t behaving. My choices would be: Riga Lipstick, for a warm orange nude; Glow to Town Brush, to add shimmer and sparkle in all the right places; Periwinkle Liquid Eyeliner, to elevate the classic cat-eye to a new colourful dimension; and, to finish it off, some Goldfinch Glow Stick for cheekbones, shoulders and collarbones that will glow all over those end-of-year parties. 

@jessatlush - Research and Development Makeup Assistant

Good tidings we bring to you and your skin! This festive season, why not treat yourself and your loved ones with a little sparkle! Our latest Lush Makeup collection will be sure to have you glowing all the way into the new year with skin that not only looks great but feels refreshed, from our makeup packed full of skincare benefits!

For me, a winning gift for any makeup enthusiast is a Lush Glow Stick. Full of hydrating orange peel wax and refined coconut oil, as well as soothing and calming rose wax,  glow sticks are guaranteed to keep your skin looking dewy all winter! - Even if the weather outside is frightful! My favorite for an iridescent glow is The World’s Smallest Disco! This hit of glitter is perfect for all skin tones and is guaranteed to get you noticed at the Christmas party! As well as Santa’s Belly, a Rudolph rosy glow that is the perfect flush of berry blush!

To top off any Christmas look you have to have a statement Lip! My favorite from the collection has to be Miami. A glitzy gold, full of plastic-free glitter, is the ultimate party lip to rock the night away!

@lush_rachelisabel - Makeup PR 

I come from a big family and growing up my parents always made Christmas extra special because they thought of everyone’s needs but always surprised us with something we weren’t expecting. Imagine having 7 daughters and 3 granddaughters and trying to hide presents! So when it comes to gifting I really think about what people need, the quality of the product and then I throw in a little something extra. It’s all about making people feel good and one of the  #lushmakeup products that makes me feel good always is Kinshasa Lipstick, named after the city I was born in, it’s such a gorgeous shade of brick red and feels like home and because it’s so versatile I sometimes use it as blush!

Next would be Golden Pear Glow Stick to give that warm glow, mixing in Goldfinch Glow Stick for a glossy skin look on my cheekbones. BFF Brush is a staple and should be in everyone’s makeup bag. 

As an added extra I would include my favourite naked cleanser Jade Roller, it’s such a luxurious product that melts away makeup and leaves your skin feeling so refreshed and soft. While you’re giving the gift of refreshed skin why not throw in a Validation Facial Treatment for the new year?

@RowenaBird - Co-founder, Makeup and Buying director and Inventor 

Not wishing to be a Grinch BUT Christmas is the time of year we lovingly purchase the most wasteful tat, so this year… don’t think they will like it, KNOW they will love it. (Or if they don’t they can give it back to you, no offense taken, because you do!)

A great way to ensure you give a present they’ll love and indulge in is to pop a larger version of something Lush you know they already love, or a product with the same fragrance to compliment, under the tree. 

Alternatively, gifting your loved one something they wouldn’t normally treat themselves to is sure to put a smile on their face and avoid waste! For big pockets Lush Santa recommends a spa treatment - why not help make the booking too for that extra dash of generosity.

Finally, always wrap your gift in something useful. A Knot Wrap, handkerchief, tea towel, a tin, a jar or reusable box, even a sheet of newspaper (especially if it has the Sudoku still on it uncompleted). An extra present for them to enjoy and, best of all, helps to avoid those bin bags full of wrapping paper at the end of the day. 

Merry plastic-free, luxurious, truly usable, returnable (to you because you love it even if they don’t) Christmas!

@livvyatlush - Brand and PR Manager for Makeup

One of the perks of working for Lush is the glee that comes with gifting at Christmas time! I can never resist bagging bath bombs for friends, picking out a festive fizzing treat that I think they'd like, to jolly up #tubtime.

This year, it has to be the Rudolph bath bomb, which I've been lucky enough to sample! A cosy, cocoa butter infused bubble bath that smells of sweet, festive marzipan.

I’ll definitely be grabbing the pout popping red, Lapland lipstick along with the refillable black and gold lipstick case for my BFFs! All of this will be wrapped up in the It's Christmas Deer reusable organic cotton knot wrap to keep them prancing, dancing and ready to dazzle their way through the festive season and into the new year. I think that'll defo go down in 'gifting' history!

@lush_vorn - Makeup Communications

When it comes to gift-giving, for me, it’s all about creating a collection that truly encompasses the recipient’s personal style. What are their staple products? What would they absolutely love to gift to themselves, but just couldn’t justify?

Sometimes it’s most effective to go back to basics. Of course, that’s where the skincare comes in! Nothing too complicated here, just naked, effective products packed full of benefits to prep the skin. For me, two top choices would be Like a Virgin facial cleansing balm for a gentle, refreshing deep cleanse, as well as Argan Facial Oil, packed full of hydrating Prickly Pear oil, to give the skin a glow from within. To really take it up a notch, get that special someone booked in for a Fresh Facial pre-party season to really give their winter skin some well deserved TLC. While we’re at it, let’s keep glowing with that theme! For me, the next part of this gift has to be The World’s Smallest Disco glow stick, as it delivers such a breathtakingly dewy finish and works beautifully on all skins. 

Last but by no means least, we all know that a little pop of colour is essential during the festive season. Copenhagen lipstick lovingly presented in one of our bespoke made, refillable lipstick cases is a truly stand out mulberry shade, sure to help you to get the party started.

Kayley - Head of Lush Makeup 

Something useful to know is that good makeup application is in the preparation, so my festive must-haves this season starts with a cleanser. My favourite is Angels On Bare Skin because it polishes and preps the skin ready for me to apply my Slap Stick foundation in shade 12W. I love this as a base as the extra virgin coconut and argan oils help to hydrate my slightly drier skin, especially in the colder weather. 

Next up I’d always recommend a glow stick, I’m particularly enjoying wearing Golden Pear glow stick as a festive bronzer and cream eyeshadow - when paired with Lapland lipstick and a slick of Auger eyeliner it’s a real head-turner of a look!

@maddieatlush - Digital Lead for Makeup

When I'm gifting someone this time of year, I'm usually thinking about what's going to set someone up for good moods and glow when the New Year rolls around (especially after party season). Some of our cult Naked Skincare, namely Tea Totaler cleansing balm and Light Touch solid facial oil would be great for a skin reboot without going overboard. After a couple of months of fun, full-face makeup, it's nice to shift gear and focus on a couple of key products: Trix Sticks for adding some coverage where you want it, Glow Sticks for some subtle glow (my favourite for this is Egret) and a lipstick you can use for a pop of Spring colour and some much-needed moisture in cold months - Cairo is a fabulous neutral that has some peachy hints. If you're buying for a super Makeup fan, I'd definitely choose one of our handmade vegan makeup brushes as well (or the whole set?!)

If you've felt inspired and have some gorgeous gift ideas of your own, we want to hear from you! Share your top tips for packaging-free and gorgeously glowy gifting with us using #LushMakeup!



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