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Lush People

We want Lush to be a great place to work.

We want people to enjoy their time with us.  We want people to learn by their experiences and to teach us.  We will challenge people in their work and they will develop in being challenged.  All staff should be treated equally and with respect at all times.  There is no glass ceiling.  We expect to provide better than legislated for working conditions.

Here are some of the practices we have in place to make this happen:

No Lush staff will be employed on a zero hour contract. 

Holiday will continue to accrue each month at the higher of either contracted or actual hours worked.

Each quarter payroll will double check contracted vs actual hours worked to keep these as closely aligned as possible. Managers will be asked to correct contracts where big differences are identified to ensure staff feel as secure as possible about their hours.

Retail staff are paid a minimum of 50p above statutory minimum wage.

There is no penalty for being under 18 or under 21. If you do the same role you get paid the same.

We pay the same wages irrespective of nationality, religion, sex or age.

London and Eire have separate wage structures.  In London we are signed up to the London Living Wage.  We were the first retail company to pay the London Living Wage.

There are no company cars.

There are company bicycles.  We take part in the Cycle To Work scheme.

There are no management car parking spaces.  There are bike racks.

If your birthday falls on a normal working day, you can have the day off. It’s an extra day holiday, paid! Permanent staff only.

Product training

We like all our shop staff to be able to talk about and recommend products from personal experience, as well as product knowledge training.  For this reason we ensure that staff have access to all new products, have supplies of products at hands on training sessions and have a good staff discount for continued use of products at home. 

Shop campaigns

Each Lush shop has the right and autonomy to opt out of a window campaign if they have strong reasons.  To do this shop managers are expected to take into account the views and opinions of all the staff in their shop and come to a collective and democratic decision.

The Glass Ceiling

We know that despite many long years of emancipation in the UK there is still not total parity between the sexes.  We want all women to know that at Lush we do not hold you back.  Wage is decided by the role you do not by who wears the trousers, we do not have ‘male’ and ‘female’ roles and there is no glass ceiling holding women back from the very highest roles in Lush.  Women are represented in high numbers, whether forklift-truck drivers in our warehouse or those sitting on our Board.

Other policies

See more of our Lush policies and positions

The Lush Kitchen in action
Lush Dan inventing products

All staff should be treated equally and with respect at all times.

Comments (8)


about 1 year ago

when was this article published? x

Lush Customer Care

about 1 year ago


Hi there, I believe that this was published on June 9th 2014. I hope this helps. - Alice


about 2 years ago

i must admit but i don't often like making a point but....... ever time i walk into the cardiff store i'm always surrounded by the overly cheerful overly helpful younger women shop assistant. which i might add i find a bit intimidating as a man in my 40's, but my point is i dont find any woman working there over the a 40 pluss hardly any men at all and i cant find any thing about there LGBT+++ policy


about 3 years ago

I note that your policies make no mention of making reasonable adjustments where necessary.

Lush Customer Care

about 3 years ago


Hi can you email us about this at [email protected] and give some more detail of the issue plaese


about 3 years ago

Just agreeing with the other two comments. As a shopper in Lush at Leicester I would be interested in knowing your progress toward paying all staff a living wage and whether you are looking to apply this concept across your material supply chains.


about 4 years ago

I'd also like to know if / when you plan to pay the Living Wage in all of your stores outside London? I love Lush and I think your company values are brilliant, but making sure that your staff are paid a wage in line with the cost of living as calculated by the Living Wage Foundation is very important. Please lead the way in the retail sector and consider implementing this.


about 5 years ago

It seems like your dropbox links aren't working - could you update these, please? I'd be interested to read them. Also, it would be really good to know what progess you are making towards making sure that all staff are paid a Living Wage. I love shopping at Lush because I love your products and your ethos, but as I shop at the Coventry shop, I'm concerned that they may not be being paid a living wage.