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Lush Prize 2017: Winners Announced

Fighting animal testing is one of the founding core principles of Lush and The Lush Prize was launched in 2012 to help bring about an end to animal testing, in the wake of the continued failure to ban these practices globally.

An annual £250,000 prize fund, the idea of The Lush Prize was to reward a ‘eureka’ moment when a breakthrough is made that would mean the end of testing on animals for cosmetics saftey forever.  In the years where there is no single significant breakthrough, the Lush Prize rewards groups or individuals working in the field of cruelty-free scientific research, training, awareness-raising and lobbying.

The Lush Prize is now in its sixth year – having launched last year two new categories, adding an extra £100,000 to fund young researchers in Asia and the Americas who wish to pursue a career in non-animal research - and has provided more than £1.8 million to reward animal-free testing, training and campaigns around the world.  2017’s Lush Prize winners were announced on 10/11/2017.

A number of exciting and important developments were made throughout the year, and winners include The Human Toxicology Project Consortium (HTPC) , who train scientists and regulators on adverse outcome pathways that offer the potential to greatly improve prediction of health effects and end the use of animals in safety testing; AFABILITY, a French/UK initiative to replace the use of animal-derived antibodies; and a Harvard University team developing a bioprinting platform for fabricating 3D human organ-on-a-chip models.

This year’s Lush Prize winners:

Dr. Sue-Hyon Lee, Bio Solution Co, Korea - Science Prize.

Prof. Jennifer Lewis, USA - Science Prize.

Dr. Catherine Willett, Human Toxicology Project Consortium, USA - Training Prize.

Dr. Jiabin Guo, Institute of Disease Control and Prevention, China - Young Researcher Asia.

Dr. Satoshi Koyama, Takasaki University of Health and Welfare, Japan - Young Researcher, Asia.

Dr. Kenry, National University of Singapore, Singapore - Young Researcher Asia.

Dr. Renato Ivan de Avila Marcelino, Federal University of Goiås, Brazil, Young Researcher, Americas.

Dr. Karmel Mansouri, Scitovation, USA - Young Researcher Americas.

Dr. David Pamies, Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing, USA - Young Researcher Americas.

Dr. Zhen Ma, Syracuse University, USA - Young Researcher Americas.

Carolina Motter Catarino, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA - Young Researcher, Americas.

Dr. Nathalie Bock, Queensland University of Technology, Australia - Young Researcher, Rest of World.

Vanessa Kappings, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany - Young Researcher, Rest of World

Dr. Sandra Heller, Ulm University, Germany - Young Researcher, Rest of World.

Anna Monzel, University of Luxembourg, UK - Young Researcher, Rest of World.
Dr. Rebecca Payne, Newcastle University, UK - Young Researcher, Rest of World.

Dr. Alison Gray, Afability, France/UK - Public Awareness.

Nicole Valdebenito Chamorro, NGO Te Protejo, Chile - Public Awareness.

Kristie Sullivan, Catherine Willett, Sara Amundson, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine/ Humane Society of US/ Humane Society Legislative Fund, USA - Lobbying.

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