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Lush Spain: Bullfighting campaign

Bullfighting is a cruel spectacle in which innocent creatures are killed.

Bullfights originated in Spain in the 18th century and have been the subject of criticism and angry debate ever since, being banned at various times since they began. Most countries in the world have now banned bullfighting on the grounds of animal cruelty: as grazing mammals with a complex, highly developed nervous system capable of feeling pain and suffering, the bulls die a drawn-out, agonizing death.

Despite the fact that 73% of Spaniards are either indifferent to bullfighting or opposed to it, the Government refuses to listen to the majority of the population who demand that it puts an end to the torture and death of thousands of bulls in Spain every year.

In 2013, LUSH joined the animal rights organisation, AnimaNaturalis, to fight against animal mistreatment and to prevent this horror from being declared an “Activity of Cultural Value”.

AnimaNaturalis is an organisation that operates in several Spanish-speaking countries to put an end to bullfighting, carrying out important protests and helping hundreds of towns in Spain, Venezuela, Mexico and Peru to declare themselves to be “anti-bullfighting towns”.

Workers at LUSH and members of AnimaNaturalis put themselves in the bulls’ place to protest against the declaration of bullfighting as an “Activity of Cultural Value”. We were “speared” and covered with artificial blood to represent the suffering of the bulls and to send a powerful message to society.

We also collected more signatures to add to the 147,247 that AnimaNaturalis had collected to petition the Culture Committee of the Spanish Government to heed the voice of the citizens who oppose the torture of animals.

On the 2nd October 2013, the Spanish Congress passed a law to protect bullfighting, guarantee its future and to prevent it from being banned by the different autonomous communities.

Popular pressure ensured that the law did not achieve its main objective: bullfighting can still be banned. The bullfighting sector receives around 600 million euros every year in subsidies from Spain and Europe. The passing of this law means that even more public money will go towards financing and promoting a spectacle in which bulls are tormented and hounded to death, and bullfighting will now be included in educational syllabuses for schoolchildren to ensure that future generations grow up prepared to support it.


For this reason, we must keep fighting on the bulls’ behalf, to lend our voices to those that have none.

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