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The making of Iamesh

The mesh is an unstoppable intertwining of thoughts, actions and consequences that connects us all. It is a system of pathways. It is a trampoline from which to launch. It is a net to hold you down. You are part of it and it is part of you.

Iamesh was born in the desert on March 23, 2015. This was after a fifth surgery to fix internal damages caused when a mesh implant was placed in my body in December 2005 to repair a hernia. My mesh device didn’t agree with being in my body and migrated, collapsing on my femoral artery and other tissues causing tremendous pain for years. The mesh that was supposed to grow into my body had failed, and instead my body grew into the mesh.

1.4 million people in the USA have had this plastic device implanted into their bodies and between 30% to 40% of them have failed, meaning daytime television in the States is saturated with commercials on the topic. After seeing many doctors and hospitals that wouldn’t help me while a series of lawsuits were brought forward on the issue, my mesh was removed in 2011 by a cash-only surgeon in Las Vegas, Nevada. The operation was an initial success but then things got worse.

When I saw the same surgeon again in 2015, I had ten centimeters of nerves tissue removed and was finally freed from a decade of chronic pains. I woke up in the casino after the surgery and realized that I had become Iamesh Malkovich.... much like Peter Parker became Spiderman after he was bitten by a spider.

There is no support for people dealing with the aftermath of mesh implantation. Many of us who have had a bad deal wanted to talk about it and the doctors and hospitals don’t offer this. I do my best to connect with them... and connect individuals with others.  Each person has their own story of how their life once was and how it is now. Many are as bad or worse than mine. Iamesh's goal is to start a foundation to help them one day. I am basically using  each of my days to bring as much fun to the world as Iamesh possibly can.

Today, Iamesh does creative performances, concerts, and lectures at universities, all based around the principle that you can best serve others by being yourself. He is a poet, dancer, musician, actor and DJ who gets the crowds up on their feet and has no inhibitions. He has no fear or feelings and lives every day to the full in a bid to bring as much fun to the world as possible.


Words by Hal Samples


The birth of Iamesh Malkovich

The birth of Iamesh
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