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Making The Lush Spa Experiment: Turning data into art

You’ve seen the video, and been mesmerised by the meditative animations of a Lush Spa Treatment. But how was it made? Take a step behind the scenes of The Lush Spa Experiment to see how Lush and Mill+ turned a massage into art...

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To make the groundbreaking film the team transformed raw biometric data from a spa treatment into computer generated visualisations. Each sensory measurement has its own unique set of visuals to demonstrate their varied effects on the body and mind. This means you can identify heartbeat, brainwaves, breath, and touch separately across the film.  Here’s what to look out for:


The heart is at the core of a Lush spa experience. The heart data is seen as a pulsating mass, strengthened and highlighted through colour and light and mimicking the beat of a visual life force from its centre. As the outer rings of the beats travel further away from the apex they transform into waves of colour that dissipate into mist.


In order to establish the physical experience of touch using animation, the team developed custom sensors that can pick up subtle details within complex motions. To establish the artistry of a Lush Spa therapist, each motion and stroke was depicted as a lasting impression on a tactile visualisation. As movement travels over a responsive clay like surface, the markings of the touch can be seen as a hand crafted abstract sculpture. Smooth strokes as well as deeper massages are shown by how indented and varied their contours are.


Brain activity is measured to analyse moments of alertness and levels of calm, from Alpha waves (showing a state of rest), to Beta (waves which show active thought), all the way through to Delta waves (which depict deep sleep). By creating an invisible network of nodes and points, bursts of electrical connectivity were visualised to show a brain that is frenetic in activity, as well as slower longer bursts of connections, signifying a calmer brain.

The brain activity shows the effect of the orchestration of all the other sensory experiences, tracking the overall effect and progress of the treatment.


The creative team used the meditative advantages of breathing to promote a viewer’s state within the film. The natural rhythms were accurately depicted drawing on movement found in nature. Flowing tides of graphics pushing forward and back give the indication of the model’s breath with an elegant ebb and flow.

Want to experience it for yourself?
Whether it’s a dose of nostalgia, a deep tissue massage, or even a peaceful soak in the bath, you’ll find a treatment to satisfy, satiate and soothe - and rest assured it’ll be doing you good inside and out.




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