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Meet the artist: Fatchurofi (Roovie)

If you’ve been in a store recently, you might have spotted the new Lush Times magazine. We had a chat to Roovie, the artist behind the cover design

Can you describe your artistic style?

My art is about getting away from the constant noise and demands on our attention that we experience nowadays, and finding time to take a look at ourselves. It’s about presenting the depth of the mind through a simple and flat illustration. I tend to use bright colours and low contrast to evoke lightness and minimise dramatic tension in my artwork.

How did you develop your style?

I've been drawing in various styles for the past 10 years as a professional illustrator, mostly for apparel and music. Last year, I decided to forget about the pressure of trends and trying to make something cool, and started afresh, drawing for myself about what I experience in my life. My drawing has become more simple and honest. I kinda like it now!

Where do you find your ideas?

I'd rather set a purpose than look for ideas. When I see an objective, ideas fall into place more easily for me.

Right now, the focus is to encode the lessons I've learnt into drawings. When it comes to commissioned work, the client brief is a great source of inspiration. Sometimes the topic of the brief can be challenging or fun, and opens up opportunities to learn something new.

What do you want people to feel when they see your artwork?

I want them to feel calm, and intrigued, then take a moment to reflect in their own mind.

What are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about creating value and assigning meaning to something.

What’s the inspiration behind your illustrations for the Lush Times magazine?

This is the second time I’ve created work with Lush, and the artwork for the cover is based on some art I did before called "Dare to Bloom". For that one, I wanted to show that attitude has power, and something that is naturally good and sincere will find its way no matter what.

For the "Great Ideas Grow from Tiny Seeds" editorial artwork, I wanted to show a process, that great things take time and will have their moment. You have to stay in rhythm with natural processes.

Why did you want to collaborate with Lush?

I like to work with people, and Lush is more like a person rather than a business. It is natural, it inspires, it speaks up, it even protests! It’s like somebody you’d want to be friends with.

Keep up with Fatchurofi @rooovie

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