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Meet the Designer: Megan Reddi

“Fantastical, enchanting, vibrant.” This is how Lush creative director Suzie Hackney describes the style of Megan Reddi, illustrator of a limited edition Mother’s Day 2019 Knot Wrap. Suzie discovered Megan at a creative event and was immediately drawn to her designs. She says: “I just love it when you can clearly see when an artist has put themselves into their work, you see into their mind and how they imagine the world”.

While many of our gift box and Knot Wrap designs are created in-house, we are always on the lookout for talented external designers, and Suzie was keen to collaborate with Megan, after meeting her at a new designer’s expo in London. We caught up with Megan on what influenced her design of the Mother Nature Knot Wrap, and what sparked her desire to become an artist.

From the moment she flicked through the collection of illustrated stories by Maurice Sendak her mother had given her, 16-year-old Megan knew she wanted a become an illustrator. Inspired by Maurice’s artwork, she decided to focus on becoming an artist herself: “From that point on, I pretty much spent all my time focusing on illustration,” she says. Through hard work and a drive to make her dream become reality, she landed roles where she was able to expand her skills: “I started out as a packaging designer for a confectioners, where I got to eat a lot of free sweets, before taking a job as an illustrator and studio assistant for an eco-friendly screen printing company,” she explains.

After realising that she would benefit from filling the gaps in her knowledge, Megan went to university to study illustration. Since then she’s been working as a freelance illustrator with the aim to spread a message of positivity and inclusivity. Describing her style as colourful, dreamy, and busy, Megan explains: “I gravitate towards certain colour palettes without really realising it, such as greens, blues, pinks, and oranges. I also find myself drawing lots of strong, chunky women and plants which probably says a lot about me as a person!” The carefully crafted aesthetic of Megan’s work makes it instantly recognisable.

Drawing inspiration from nature and the hustle and bustle of city living, Megan’s desk faces a window that looks out to her garden and she loves to people watch for new ideas.  “My biggest inspiration comes from my surroundings. I want my illustrations to feel like they’re bursting at the seams with different things to look at.” Like the four rosy-cheeked faces cleverly incorporated into her Knot Wrap design, adorned with flowing purple hair, Megan likes to include surreal elements in her work - look again and you’ll really appreciate every ethereal detail.

“The inspiration behind my design came from a rocking chair that I own. It’s covered in this awesome Liberty fabric that my mum bought in the ‘70s,” Megan shares. The elements of nature and the variation of texture reflect Megan’s style, as well as the colours that you see in spring: “I used colours that were reminiscent of the ‘60s and 70’s but paired them with a few carefully chosen fluorescent Pantones to give it a modern twist.”

Megan hopes to continue to work with brands that reflect her values and would love to create illustrations for clothing and fabric in the future: “Sometimes it’s hard as an illustrator to ensure that your art aligns with your values, because you’re often treading a fine line between creating work for a client and creating work that you personally believe in. I’ve been really lucky so far to work with lovely companies like Lush, who see the world the same way that I do, and I hope that will continue!” she says. For now, you’ll find Megan spreading positivity and uplifting people with her vibrant illustrations. To find more of Megan’s work head to her website.

“My biggest inspiration comes from my surroundings. I want my illustrations to feel like they’re bursting at the seams with different things to look at.”

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