Naked shower gel? Don't you mean soap?

“Naked shower gel, whatever next!”

Don’t worry, we know exactly what you’re thinking...

“Naked shower gel… Isn’t that just soap?”

Nope, this isn’t a brand new industry buzzword. Naked shower gels work in exactly the same way as their liquid counterparts without the need for packaging.

At first glance they might look the same as some of the soaps you’ve grown to love over the years but naked shower gels don’t contain any soap base, they instead share most of the same ingredients as liquid shower gel and infact are double the concentrate so you get more bang for your buck!

“Why make it naked?”

You don’t have to be living a packaging free lifestyle to get into a cubicle with a naked shower gel. Creating a naked product not only saves on packaging, it also makes your shower gels more convenient to travel with. No liquid allowances to worry about and less wasted product down your plug hole.

In 2016, we sold over 5 million bottles of shower gel, if just half of the customers who purchased these bottles switched to naked shower gels, we could save approximately 2.6 million bottles from ending up in landfill. That's something worth getting naked for.

“Still sounds like soap to me, what ingredients make it different?”

Soap can be made using a variety of different ingredients as a soap base. You’ll find a mixture of rapeseed and coconut oil in the majority of Lush soaps as well as argan oil and olive oil in the gourmet soap range.

Naked shower gels aren’t made using a soap base, in fact they contain most of the same ingredients as their packaged versions with only a few ingredients that are different.

The ingredient that makes them solid is sodium stearate. We use this ingredient in our naked deodorants as well and it thickens and helps harden the mix, eliminating the need for packaging. Propylene glycol has also been added to the naked shower gel formula, a humectant that will help to attract and retain moisture in the skin. It also reduces bacteria growth and has been added to make the naked shower gels self-preserving.

“Is it going to work the same as my regular shower gel?”

You bet! Naked shower gels give you the same powerful fragrance and lathering experience that you’re used to from your packaged products. 

They are double the concentrate of liquid shower gels and therefore last twice as long, making them more economical but there’s no bottle to deal with. So you can wave goodbye to unnecessary shower fumbling and no longer have to look on in horror as you accidentally squeeze too much of your favourite shower gel down the drain.

Once you've lathered up and are feeling clean and refreshed, simply pop it on the side to dry out and use next time.

“If these naked shower gels are so great, why are there still packaged ones?”

We are firm believers in being able to offer our customers a choice and letting them pick the product that best suits and benefits them. Having naked shower gels complimenting the range of packaged versions available means that you can make a choice over which type works best for you. 

So whether you’re taking a trip around the world and want something you can throw in your in-flight bag or you want to try something new to spice up your routine, the choice to go naked has never been easier.


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about 2 weeks ago

I adore the naked products. Especially shower gels. Please give us choice of our favourite products in naked! I love love love the olive branch and I can’t find the naked one any more! I’m gutted! I don’t want to have to go back to plastic. Please have more naked products available online so I can stock up! Literally thee best thing since sliced bread!!!!


about 1 month ago

Where are they I loved them and am now having to revert to bottles of plum ☔. Please bring back


about 2 months ago

Hi just popped online to buy these and they've gone! I am so disappointed, I thought they were SO good I have recommended to all my friends, please bring them back they were amazing and worked so well with Zero Waste. I was a convert - help!

about 2 months ago

Please bring these back! They are amazing! Plus saves on packing space!

about 3 months ago

This is a great product and one that really stands out in the market. I love the fact that it means no plastic too. Please bring it back!

about 4 months ago

Can't believe you stopped making these - they are great. Please bring them back asap - I'm going to have to buy a plastic bottle instead. In terms of storing them I use a plastic bottle cut (almost) in half - can take them on holiday in it too (but not if they aren't produced anymore :-(


about 4 months ago

When are they coming back? I've loved this product. Two have lasted 6 months and I shower most days, they smell great, lather well and dry out quickly stored on a soap dish and I will be slicing my last one into discs (like shampoo bar size - although guess it will use up quicker - to take travelling next month. No plastic, feel good factor too. Bring some more out please.

about 4 months ago

Guys these are great but it would be better if you made them similar to the shampoo bars so we can store them, those little metal tins save wasteage and mess :)


about 4 months ago

I live in small country where recycling and environmental problems don't have much attention and when my local Lush in Zagreb came out with naked products I was so happy, from the first Twilight Sparkle Jar to the Black Rose lip scurb, naked Plum Fairy lipstick and all of my naked shower gels I am so grateful to hava a small chance to help even just a little bit with my choice of going naked ... plus naked products are way more creamy and better for my dry and sensitive skin


about 5 months ago

So sad, was going to treat myself to a new naked shower gel (We're a zero waste household) but when I got there (Lush, Carmarthen).......the cupboard was bare.....sniff.....sniff. No longer available. Oh dear, it's back to the biscuits then....would really have preferred to buy a shower gel though, the biscuits go dreadfully soggy in the shower.