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The new Lush Spring Prize: what on Earth is it all about?

A one-of-a-kind prize and annual conference has launched for a second year, hosted by Lush and co-operative Ethical Consumer Research Association. The Lush Spring Prize rewards projects that are working towards environmental and social regeneration.

Across our globe, people are taking human problems and creating human solutions. They are generating renewable resources, restoring ecosystems, nurturing solidarity and making societies stronger. Together, these individuals, communities and organisations are pushing us beyond sustainability to regeneration, giving back to the Earth more than we're taking from it.

Their stories often go untold within the mainstream media and exist on the margins of society. To identify and celebrate their hard work is the simple impetus of the Spring Prize. A £200,000 fund will be shared across 11 awards in four different prize categories.

Who can receive the prizes?

Intentional projects

This category is for great new ideas that are up to one year old. Up to five prize winners (each being awarded £10,000) could receive the award to help them create solid foundations.

Young projects

Groups and organisations that are between 1 and 5 years old, have a proven track record, and are hoping to expand or develop should apply for this category. Up to three prize winners (each being awarded £25,000) will be chosen.

Established projects

This is for the trail-blazers that have been inspiring others with their work for more than five years and would like to spread the word further, perhaps via outreach, mentoring or hosting visits from other groups. A maximum of two prize winners will be awarded £25,000 each.

Influence award

One organisation that is campaigning or lobbying to influence policy, regulation or public opinion in support of regeneration will be awarded £25,000 to fund ongoing or future work.

So, how do I find out more?

Keep up to date with the nominations, find out about the judging panel, and get all the latest information here.

If you have any ideas, questions or feedback for the organisers, please send them via

Photos (clockwise from top of page): Paul Yeboah and Enoch Gadaffi harvesting moringa at the Ghana Permaculture Institute; saplings at Permaculture Research Institute Kenya; Ghana Permaculture Institute; Sombai taking photos of her farm in Utnoor, India. 

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