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Products are temporarily unavailable

Sorry, our website will not be available for shopping over the next few days.  

We are currently packing and despatching any orders already placed with us, but will temporarily not be taking any more. 

Government advice to us is that they wish to keep hygiene products being manufactured and available for purchase online to help the public continue to keep up with handwashing.  Keeping face, skin and hair regularly washed is also important as part of avoiding the virus.

In order to be best placed to crack on with future orders, we wish to do some further rearranging of our workspaces to comply with the latest advice on safe social distance.

So please bear with us for a few days as we reorganise in order to spread our staff across more rooms and switch our team onto split shifts so that there are fewer people in the building at any one time.  Our aim is to keep sending your important hygiene products to you whilst ensuring the safety of everyone involved. We know that both you and our staff expect nothing less.

And whilst we sadly cannot interact in person at the moment, with our retail stores temporarily closed, we will be using our digital spaces to provide Lush updates and entertainment for you during this uncertain time. We have some exciting live and interactive events taking place on our Youtube channel over the next couple of weeks, as well as plenty of content to indulge in.  You can experience all the fun and frolics of the shop floor on our new Lush TikTok page. And to ensure that there is a single location that you can keep in the loop with all Lush happenings, we’ll be popping live updates onto Lush instagram stories.  




Comments (33)


about 1 day ago

When will lush be back up? The new bubble bars are already on other countries websites just not U.K.


about 1 day ago

Thanks will keep checking

about 2 days ago

This just makes me love you more! Safety, good health and LOVE from the US!!!

Charlotte Fox

about 2 days ago

Ah, completely understandable - hope you all stay safe and healthy! Looking forward to ordering some goodies from you when you are up and running again! :) xx

about 2 days ago

You're amazing! Love your products and ethics :)


about 2 days ago

Sounds great. I'm glad you are taking care of yourselves. Safety first.


about 2 days ago

Well done Lush for doing the responsible thing and ensuring you put the safety of your employees first and taking the appropriate measures to make it possible. As someone else said, more retailers need to follow your lead. I'll be looking forward to ordering some bits from you soon. Stay safe everyone x


about 2 days ago

No worries guys, stay safe. Defo gonna need to purchase a few necessities such as bath bombs (!!) to help me through!


about 2 days ago

Fantastic news!! Look forward to placing an order once you're back online


about 2 days ago

Love LUSH Will check on-line in a few days. Great work guys x