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Perfume experiments #1: Knock, knock…

Twenty people were asked: ‘What might be found in the bedroom belonging to the wearer of this perfume?’

Please enter the room created below and take your time looking around. When you think you may know what the fragrance is, leave a reply behind you.

Travel across rough seas to an ancient lighthouse on a remote island. Creep up cold, creaking steps to enter a dim room, warmed by an old wood-burner in a corner. A worktable is set up next to the amber light – perhaps a carpenter lives here? Or maybe even a dentist, as we find dental paraphernalia dotted across the room.

The space feels warm and lived-in, as if the occupant only just left. In the corner, plaid shirts and doilies are strewn over an old velvet chaise longue, where a few treasured teddy bears sit.  A Grateful Dead poster is peeling off the wall, casting a long shadow over a banjo in the corner. An oversized duvet covers the bed, which is warm and inviting, with the corner of a beautiful sari peeking out from under the quilt. Over by the window, an elaborately carved rocking-horse creaks slightly as the gale rocks the lighthouse. Every so often, a clap of lightning illuminates the entire room and then withdraws like the waves below…

Perfume is highly evocative.

You may pass a person in the street and be transported back to your childhood if they are wearing the same fragrance your mother used to wear.  You can be drawn into someone’s personal space and into a certain state of mind when a particular scent grips you.

Whether you are aware of it or not, fragrance will always evoke imagery, memory and a strong reaction.

Mark Constantine, Gorilla Perfumer, describes the creation process as painting, and becoming absorbed in adding light and shade to a fragrance. The perfumes he and son Simon create are unique on each person, because essential oils interact with body heat rather than cloaking the skin.

Above all, the fine fragrances found in the Gorilla volumes are deeply personal both creators and wearers; Perfume speaks to everyone differently.

When you think you may know what our fragrance is, leave a reply behind you.

Comments (7)

about 5 years ago

The answer was....(drumroll)...Hellstone! Thank you for your guesses. More coming soon.


about 5 years ago

I instantly thought of smuggler's soul, or dear John. They're both very warm, woody scents that make you feel like you're transported to this kind of setting. But i'm not sure!


about 5 years ago

Smuggler's Soul...?


about 5 years ago

It might be Devil's nightcap

about 5 years ago

I'm going to go with Karma.


about 5 years ago

Perfume! It's me even if i'm not here... Louis smell it and enjoy! "Granny!"


about 5 years ago

It is an identification, my uniqueness.....on display