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A Perfumed Spa Experience For Mind And Body: Renaissance

Imagine you’re experiencing a tailored guided meditation, but the majority of the interaction around you is non verbal. Imagine that, rather than affirmative words being softly uttered, you’re being steered towards a more centered version of yourself using bespoke blends of perfume as a guides. 

Perfume needn’t be used only on skin to make a profound impact. The Renaissance spa treatment is specifically designed to bring the mind and body back into balance through application in a myriad of ways. Clients are guided through a bespoke sensory meditation on fragrance using air-diffused perfume, music, words, and elements of gentle massage to restore clarity and contentment. Explore more on the Renaissance experience’s incredible ability to shift a person’s mindset, here.

Fragrance and meditation have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship for thousands of years. Dr Jennifer Rhind, lecturer in complementary healthcare writes that: 

“Aromatic substances were and still are used as an aid to meditation, altering the mood state and often, even though part of a sacred or ritualistic setting, were simply appreciated for the fragrance imparted during offerings or worship.”

Reverence for the power of perfume still holds prime place today. In the words of Lush co-founder Mark Constantine: 

“All of perfumery is language.”


The Constantine family are intensely passionate about perfume. Alongside a team of expert fine perfumers they have shaped a company tradition of crafting fine fragrances, from scratch, with exquisite ethical ingredients. 

Handmade by Lush perfumer Emma Dick, a set of exclusive and opulent fine fragrances are central to the spa treatment. Helping clients to re-engage with their powerful sense of smell is an integral part of the experience. Discover the fine essential oils and historical research behind these perfumes and their part in the meditation.



Floral neroli meets smouldering petitgrain oil in this fresh and woody fragrance. A perfume inspired by the origins of the name Neroli, one theory suggests it arose from Emperor Nero, a perfume and flower enthusiast. Another surmises it stemmed from the princess of Nerola, a French noblewoman renowned for adorning her gloves and bathwater with uplifting neroli oil.


Meditative benefits

Neroli oil reputedly brings inner peace to those who indulge in its floral, green aroma. Lush’s neroli oil comes from a family-run supplier in Egypt and a producer in Lebanon who works in symbiosis with their local ecosystems.

Bergamot oil’s elevating, zesty scent clears the mind, opening space for more positive and gainful matters. This animating essential oil comes from a family of growers in sunny Sicily, who are resolute in their reuse and recycle ethos. 

Petitgrain oil is an expert in slowing thoughts and restoring the tired mind, thanks to its fresh, green and woody scent.



What does it smell like? A noble blend of sweet frangipani to revive and fuel creative tendencies. Inspired by a wildly sweet and spicy fragrance for perfuming gloves, originally created by the mythical Roman noble, Marquis of Frangipani. Lavish sandalwood and scrumptiously nutty almond oils lean intoxicatingly into frangipani florals before a moreish and smoky guaiacwood finish.


Meditative benefits

Guaiacwood oil carries a scrumptiously sweet and woody scent, with a hint of spice. It’s considered great at kick-starting a fresh flow of thoughts. 

Sandalwood oil is renowned for the reassuring effect it has on the mind. Every drop of this warming, woody essential oil is sourced sustainably from areas such as New Caledonia from wild but sustainably managed trees. Here, the local government grants quotas for harvesting every year and saplings are regularly replanted.

The sweet, complex florals of frangipani absolute help to carry the mind to far-flung places. A little of this precious ingredient goes a long way. Alongside the intoxicating aroma of tuberose absolute this perfume nurtures a more spirited mindset. 



An infatuating floral perfume. Delicate violet leaf absolute blossoms with sensual rose, while smoky sandalwood oil soothes and mellows the spirits.


Meditative benefits 

Evocative rose oil mellows and soothes the soul with its calming florals. This ingredient comes from Turkey where the delicate petals of each flower are steam distilled to create this exquisite essential oil. Lush’s family-run supplier helps to provide an income for Syrian refugees in the area. 

Violet leaf absolute possesses a mild sedative effect, making it a valuable asset for anyone wishing to ‘switch off’, relax and re-evaluate. 

Each drop of sumptuous, sustainable sandalwood oil used in Confetti adds a delicate warmth to the base of this perfume. 



Bittersweet and inescapable, this ode to a striking poetess, the Tenth Muse, will shake your senses. Classical orris entwines with carnal jasmine to re-ignite deep, tonka-sweet desires. 


Meditative benefits

Jasmine absolute’s deep, floral scent reignites lacklustre energy systems with its stirring, sensual aroma. 

Naturally fallen tonka beans are harvested by Kayapó communities in Brazil to make Sappho’s tonka absolute. Where they were traditionally only used for medicine within these families, the beans now provide them with an income to buy their children various necessities.  

The redolent vanilla absolute within this blend comes from a Madagacan supplier that promotes agroforestry practices to help maintain local forests through vanilla cultivation. It smells good, and does good! 


Indulge In The Experience 

If the Renaissance spa treatment perfumes are sounding just irresistible then you can invest in your own here

Feeling compelled to indulge in the full, immersive experience? Book the Renaissance spa treatment here.

The Renaissance spa treatment is available in Poole, Birmingham, Oxford Street, Leeds, Liverpool, Bath, Edinburgh and Cardiff for £75. Each session lasts a convenient 40 minutes plus consultation time (the perfect meditation top-up for busy folks!).

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