Profile: Lady Helen Kennedy

Strategic behavioural hypnotherapist Lady Helen Kennedy has worked closely with the Lush spa team to create treatments that are as effective on the mind as they are on the body.

With a practice in London’s Wimpole Street, Helen has been working in the field of behavioural hypnotherapy for many years. A Fellow of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, she has trained psychiatrists and worked with the medical profession who are interested in the power of clinical hypnosis. She has long been fascinated by how the mind and body work together.

Behavioural therapy

 “I like to call what I do in my practice ‘mind care’,” Helen explains. “This means I help people make behavioural changes and help people focus and utilise their mind to its full potential. The emotional system is connected to the body and both need to work efficiently together. There are physical manifestations of the emotions: someone might come to see me with a back ache, and with a few strategic questions, I will know straight away what the emotional problem is.”

Helen believes the key to a happy mind and body lies in balancing three things: “We all need three things in life: challenge, support, and time to reflect.  Stress happens when the challenge that a person might have is simply too much for them - the problem arises when they don’t have enough support and don’t take the time to reflect.”

Describing herself as an ambition-directed therapist, she clarifies: “When you come for therapy, you’re looking to make a change, and the therapist is there to support that. If there is something deep inside you wanting to make that change, I can help you find it.”

Working with Lush

What some may consider an unusual alliance is in fact a perfect fit between Helen’s goals and Lush’s aims of creating unique treatments that work on multiple levels. “It all began with a conversation with Mark Constantine [co-founder of Lush]. He wanted to develop a spa.  I said if you give someone a body treatment and utilise the mind, that body treatment will be second to none.

It’s been an ambition of mine for many years to work on the mind and body connection in a therapeutic way, so I jumped at the chance of collaborating.”

In her therapy sessions, Helen helps her clients embrace the emotions they want to have, taking them from one state of mind to another. It is this expertise, utilising carefully chosen words, that has helped shape the Lush spa treatments as well as the Emotional Brilliance cosmetics range.  Speaking about the Lush spa, she says: “It’s the clever use of powerful, inspirational words and overlapping of all the senses that makes a Lush spa treatment so different. I believe it has a more enduring effect than any other treatment that I know of, as it goes deeper, touching on the emotional system, the mind and the body.”








"The emotional system is connected to the body and both need to work efficiently together."

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