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Read My Lips

Your lips do a lot to express your personality; they’re gatekeeper of words, creator of smiles and granter of kisses. 

If you want to tell the world who you are, experimenting with your lip colour is a great place to start. It’s not the meaning of life, but a good lipstick can change your outlook.

If you want to have fun with your lip colour, we’ve got plenty of natural lipsticks to help you on your creative way. You could opt for a long-lasting (and we mean really long-lasting) lip stain like Bamboozled to see you through the day, take creative control of your own colour with lip blocks such as Shades of Pink, or choose the convenience of a lipstick.

Tracking down makeup that hasn’t been tested on animals can be a challenge, so we’ve made things easy for you. Our products are never tested on animals, only willing humans (who incidentally, are treated very well), so you don’t need to hunt around for ethical makeup. Our lipsticks are also vegan and self-preserving, with minimal packaging made from recycled materials. Although a lipstick won’t save the world, it certainly isn’t going to hurt it.

When you visit our Oxford Street, Manchester Arndale, Bournemouth or Cardiff shops, you can really immerse yourself in a world of colours and discover the right shades for you, where all your options are lined out on the dressing table. Perhaps you’ll be drawn to a name - Boss, Ambition or Dare - or your eye might be caught by a stand-out shade. Experiment, be creative and build up your colour in any way you want.

Exclusive products


The most convenient way to top up your colour throughout the day. You could even keep two or three handy, in case you’re in need of some extra ConfidenceElegance or Perspective as your day progresses. What’s in a name? Sometimes, a little magic.

Long-lasting colour is kept in place by candelilla wax and rose wax from Senir in Turkey, while jojoba oil stops your lips drying out. The tubes are made from the same material as our black pots, and are part of our recycling scheme. Just take five empty black pots back to a store and get yourself a free fresh face mask. Maybe your lipsticks are saving the Earth after all…

Lip blocks

This is where you can really get creative and put some fun into your makeup routine. Make your own style by blending a colour unique to you, or mix it up depending on your mood. Each handmade lipstick block has three colours for you to blend, packed full of soothing rose wax and hydrating jojoba oil to keep your lips soft and colourful. Keep your naked product safe in its recycled cardboard box.

Bamboozled lip stain

A bright red pout that lasts the entire day. This vivid red colour is protected inside the ultimate natural packaging, a piece of bamboo from Kyoto in Japan. Brush on a little, or a lot, for a colour that won’t budge.

Rose wax from Senir, Turkey, works alongside candelilla, sunflower and orange peel waxes to lock in colour, while kalahari melon and organic jojoba oils soften.

Lip barrier

Pop a little of this translucent wax around the outside of your lips to keep colour locked within the lines. Candelilla and carnauba waxes keep your lipstick in place, making sure you’re always looking sharp.

No pout is complete without balms and scrubs to prime and condition.


Lip scrubs and balms

Available in all shops, it's easy to care for your pout with lip scrubs and balms. To get your lips perfectly primed for colour, scrub and soften with caster sugar and organic jojoba oil, while also satisfying your sweet tooth. Top it off with some moisturising lip balm for kissably soft lips. Now you’re ready for some shade.


We’ve taken out the hard work of finding natural vegan makeup that isn’t tested on animals, and you don’t even need to compromise on your colour options. Now the only question left is: which will you choose?

Comments (2)


about 4 years ago

Hi, Love your lipstick blocks--truly the greatest--I have shades of red--I would love to get shades of pink, but a 2 hr train ride is daunting. Is there any chance you can get the blocks to the other stores or online--same with the new lipsticks, I have 2--but would love more. The lipstain would also be great! Think about it, your customers would love it!

Iris Anastasia

about 4 years ago

Hey there :) They are available online, but in the "Kitchen" session; they are made freshly and in small batches, so you have to be fast! Try it on different dates and times of the day; one day you'll be lucky! :) I just ordered the shades of red lipblock yesterday and I'm sooo excited for the mail man this week! Kind regards!
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